Infection: Rise to Insanity

November 7, 2011
By A____S GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
A____S GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
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In the year 2012, an asteroid heading for earth made its way in and injured a normal businessman. He went to the hospital with nothing more then a minor gash and burn on his arm. This man became Number Zero, the first Infection. It started like a cold, spreading quickly by any means to find a new host. Within 20 years, only a small number of uninfected humans remained all over earth. The numbers, about five thousand men woman and children. The rest of the planet had been turned into The Infections, an unknown enemy that acts almost zombie like, but with the thought process of a normal human. Now in the year 2051, the humans have found there final hope of returning to Earth is left on the shoulders of 6 Half bloods (half human, half infection). Half bloods are humans that were infected but for some reason were able to keep there personality in check as well as gain the powers of the Infection. The leader of the Half bloods, Amber, followed by all but her husband, were killed in combat months ago. Left alone, Vladimir Star, nicknamed Bloodlust after there deaths, is now the soul hope for humanity. Can he save Earth and let the humans return to their home? Can he even control his growing insanity from the events of his lost friends and lover?

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