The crime on 10th avenue

November 24, 2011
By Juan Arango GOLD, Wellington, Florida
Juan Arango GOLD, Wellington, Florida
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I walked silently, he knew nothing, I walked louder, at this he was spooked, he looked back in worried expression, I simply smiled, so as to reassure him, as I did with all my victims. After this he walked with ease, his swaggering step now reduced to a simple scuffle, he turned and buzzed himself into the apartment building he closed the door, and hurried up to his apartment, he opened the door closed it and locked it quickly, but little did he know that I knew everything about him. I too buzzed the clerk and walked up the steps, my leather shoes clunking against every step, making my presence known. As I approached his door, I tidied up, I fixed my tie, tied, then re-tied my shoes, and straightened my black suit, then I knocked on his door. The sound echoed throughout the building, quick steps came to the door, the peep hole opened, an eye at the other end, then a gasp, I looked up in surprise, all a part of the act. He opened the door slowly,
I raised my eyebrows at him curiously,
"Evening Sir",
He stared back, surprised at my voice,¬¬¬¬¬
"Umm, so what brings you here this evening", he responded,
I replied in a sweet tone,
"I just recently moved into the apartment next to you and was curious if wanted to have lunch or dinner sometime",
He stared back his eyes wide open,
"Uhh, yes yes come on in, I have dinner ready right now, if it is convenient for you "
I accepted, and walked into the apartment, I did a quick scan around the room, and started following the man, I saw sweat break on his forehead.
As we sat down at the table, I stared at my plate, a pot-roast and some peas sat on it, I said thank before I started eating and after I had finished, he responded in a more relaxed tone. What he said next pleased me,
"Sir, I am going to be honest with you, when I first saw you, quite frankly you scared me, I thought you were going to mug, or worse kill me",
I responded, " Well, you were right",
At this he froze I reached into my coat and retrieved the stainless steel knife that would soon bore through his heart, I lunged at him, I grabbed him, I grabbed him and held him, I whispered into his ear ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬"Any last words?", he said nothing, there was no gasp, or scream of pain, there was only the sick pleasure of knowing that there would one less person walking up and down my stair ways.
My own stairways, my lovely stairways that talked to me, whispered to me, told me stories, and loved me. I dropped the body onto the floor, and dragged it to the bathroom from there I retrieved a vial of the most putrid smelling liquid to have ever been smelt, and poured it over the man's body, it slowly started to smoke then it sizzled and then there was nothing left, no one would know what happened, just like all the others before him.
I braced myself, the guilt was speeding towards me like a speeding train, it hit me, I flew back, and curled up into a ball, a wave of nausea contorted my stomach, I threw up, the room was swirling, I felt like ending my existence, I wanted to die, the guilt hammered at my brain, I started to clench my jaw, I felt a tooth break, I passed out on the floor.
I woke, I tasted blood in my mouth I swallowed and felt a wave of pain, I reached into my mouth remembering my broken tooth, I grabbed it and yanked, I gasped, it was a molar, I put it in my pocket and spit into a handkerchief, I smelt something, I looked and realized that I was sitting in my own vomit, I panicked, I needed to clean this up, I went to my apartment and took out my mop, I scrubbed and scrubbed so as to not leave any evidence, finally after an eternity of cleaning, I looked down at the spotless floor. I reached into my pocket and retrieved a needle I looked at it, and smiled, I took a band and wrapped it around my arm, I pulled it tight and stuck the needle into my skin, grimacing slightly, and I pushed the end down, the liquid flowed through my veins, numbing me, my eyes rolled to the back of my head, I felt a sick sense of pleasure, but when I tried to recover from my fix, something went wrong, I never regained my mental state, I just laid there, a dead soul trapped in a dead body, forever until someone freed me from my cage of insanity.

The author's comments:
Short story that i wrote while watching Sherlock Holmes

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EvaSleeva said...
on Sep. 21 2012 at 5:54 pm
That was pretty good for a scary story. I liked it.

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