A dreadful message

November 14, 2011
By CelineMolfetta BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
CelineMolfetta BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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“I never thought death, would be so painful. Many people say, "So what if they die?" But it's much more complicated than you think. Leaving family and loved ones was the hardest thing I could do. I looked toward the light. Slowly I was walking towards freedom, from all the sadness, death had brought. I was moving on and, in a way, my family was too. As, I touched the light - not knowing what heaven was like - I thought I was at the end of my life, but really, I was only at the beginning.”

The room was different. The smell, the look, it was all unfamiliar to me. I heard footsteps and felt bumps in the halls, as the room slightly shook. I also thought I heard heart rate monitors on the other side of the walls. I slowly sat up and realized where I was.

The doctor walked into the room quickly and seemed to be hiding his face. He called some workers in and they all stood around him. He checked to see if I was sleeping and I pretended I was. He picked up white gloves as he gently stuck his fingers into the glove openings. A very tall man handed him a needle. The doctor looked unsure. Just then, a phone paged, '' John Stanton," and the doctor answered it. My heart started to beat faster, as I slowly began to freak out because John Stanton is my dad. My dad was the one trying to give me the “chill” shot. What I mean by that is that it would calm me down but probably harm me enough to stop me from doing many activities. He finished talking on the pager and exited the room. He said he would be back, but everyone followed anyway.

A few minutes later, I heard a noise; I thought he was coming back. I quickly hid under the bed. I didn’t want my dad doing this to me. Instead, it was the nurse coming to clean the bed sheets. That made me feel dumb, hiding was useless. She noticed I was gone and told my dad what she had discovered. That’s when everyone started acting weird and freaking out. That’s all I remember, after that it’s all a blur.

Until now, it always seemed like my parents didn’t want the best for me. Sending me to that intuition didn’t make me feel any better. It made me feel worse. But there’s, nothing they can do now because I’m at the edge of my life. It’s windy and cold outside. There are cracks and holes on the edge of the cliff. It's so loose, pieces of the ground started to fall. I heard a couple of voices behind me; they were all yelling the same thing: "stop”. After all of this, I started to doubt. Is this really what I wanted? To die? I guess the answer was yes because I was already falling to my death.

My heart dropped with a striking pain as my body closely followed. My eyes slowly began to close. I heard a voice, like a whisper. I was unable to understand what they were saying. A cold wind traveled through my body giving me the chills. My body slammed hard against the cold icy floor just when eyes closed for good.

A child with wings! I couldn’t believe it. I heard about it in stories, but I never thought it was real; espe-cially, because that child is me. My light blue skin reflected in the sunlight. It took me a few minutes before I realized I was a ghost, which meant, of course, I was dead.

The smell of fresh air, I didn’t know how peaceful and soothing life was and felt like without stress: so relaxing, so calm. But, it was too much to handle. Me, dead? What about my parents and Paige.

Oh my god, Paige, my little sister. How could I leave her?

I flew to where I died, black spray paint traced around my body.

There was something next to it. I went a little closer, it was my sister. I started to cry, “Paige!” She couldn’t see me or hear me , I was too high up, but closer to loosing her forever.

I went up to her; I wanted to talk to her for the last time. “Paige," I yelled as I touched her arm.

“Megan, it’s you,” she lighted up, but she could only hear me.

“I’m, sorry I left, but I couldn’t take it anymore, all the drama was pounding in my head.”

“Wait, what drama? You always had people looking out for you. Mom and Dad loved you; they wanted the best for you and you threw it all away,” she argued.
What was she talking about; they were always fighting with me.

“That's not true, and you know that.” I screamed at her as I ran away.

I found a quiet place to think, under a tree, like I would when I was alive. It calms me down as the wind blows in my face. My head was aching of pain and I started to tear. I was rocking myself back and forth, often like my Aunt Suzie did to me when I was afraid. As I was rocking, I slammed my head on the tree and a sign fell on me. The sign read, "Megan Stanton funeral, October 23rd, please come." October 23rd, was today and I thought, "Why shouldn’t I just take a little look? It’s my funeral, anyway."

I flew through the funeral home’s window. There were so many people, but no sign of mom or dad. There were lights around the room. It was so bright and twinkled like little stars in the sky. Quiet soft music traveled across the room giving people slight chills.

I was laying there in the big, red coffin. I walked up to my body. I looked different; my hair was straightened, I was wearing make-up and the prettiest dress, I ever seen. To tell you the truth, I never looked happier. I was always angry because i was held in intuitions.

The church bell rang and everyone started to give speeches, but I started to daydream.

Sharp sounds traveled across my head. I was dreaming of what use to happen among me and my family.

I saw myself yelling and kicking, while my parents were trying to sit me down. Before I was sent to that intuition, I had to go to a public school. Just like the intuition, I hated school so much. Students were calling me crazy. Soon after that, my friends turning on me! I felt like I was alone in the world, with everyone staring at me and whispering. The worst part is, I don’t even know how all of this hate happened.

I woke up from my day dream and to my surprise, I final felt what it feels like to be loved. I watched my parents sitting there, crying with red sunk-in faces. It wasn’t only them, it was everyone, they were all crying for me. Paige was right. Everyone was always there for me. But, it was too late now; the light was here to take me to heaven. I was ready. I got what I waited for all these years: LOVE. Now, there was nothing else holding me back.

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