Ny'Gee grandmother

November 18, 2011
By Anonymous

In the island of Nigeria, there was a 13 year old boy named Ny’Gee. He lived with his mother and grandmother .They didn’t have much but his grandmother tried to give him everything, as did his mother. Ny’Gee grandmother was a strong religious lady. She stayed home and took care of Ny’Gee.
When his mother was working at a little food market, which was like eight blocks away
Ny’Gee only had one friend and his name as John. They did every thing together. They didn’t get along with the other kids who lived in his area. They thought he was slow.
One day, john came to Ny’Gee’s house. He asked him to go outside to chill and hang out. They threw rocks at the other kids, and people in the area. Then a white van drove up to the house. Then there was a lot of white police coming out the van. They were taking, beating and hitting people. Then they put them in hand cuffs and put them into the back of the van. They had taken them to jail.

Ny’Gee grandmother came out the house wilding screaming for Ny’Gee and John to run in the house. Then she was calling their names. One of the white police kicked her to the ground and put her in hand cuffs. While she was down, she saw the boys under a car and told them to stay there. So then, the police took the people in the back of the van and drove off.
Then that’s when Ny’Gee and John came form under the car and ran to the food market where his mother lived and told her what happen to his grandmother. So Ny’Gee mother just took off. Ny’gee and John followed her to the house; His mother was waiting for his grandmother to get her free phone call. In the mean white, John and Ny’Gee was sitting and telling her the whole story that happen. When she got that call grandmother was telling about that police man are giving them fake change so they can’t make that call because they are black. Is the mayor of Nigeria? He wants the black people out because he’s a dumb man. He said they’re costing me money,

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