the mysterious island

November 9, 2011
By freddy2 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
freddy2 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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“In the next land we found were Cyclopes”

The days were long
and nights were longer
we had been on this island for more than 24hours
and in till now I cant think what to do.
The men
were yelling saying “Odysseus commander and leader
what shall we do we are all hungry,tired,and dirty”
I walk away trying to figure out a way out of this island.
“At this time he stretched his hands out in his darkness
toward the sky of stars,and prayed poseidon.”
As he was praying
to poseidon the Earth under him was shaking beneath his feet like a
thousand soldiers charging right at him.
I command the crew to take shelter away from trees
and falling rocks from mountains.
The shaking had stopped
and luckily no one was hurt or injured from the tectonic upheaval.
I took a look around and the island and found that it had revealed the true side of it.
I walk along a trail that looks manmade but did not notice the musty foul smell of rotting flesh.
I told my men to stop dead in their tracks.
We saw a creature that had three eyes and seven fingers we got weapons ready to strike.
Blue snot was pouring out of his nose and he was breathing heavy holding what appeared to be an animal leg. The musty foul smell of rotting flesh came at us.

We drew our bronzed shields that was covered in dry blood from previous battles
we surrounded the carrion rogue.
My men lunge there spears into the carrion rogue the spears are deep inside his body and tries to attack us
Suddenly he falls in great force almost crushing us.
We killed one but we all know that there could be more in the island.
I commanded the men to find shelter for the night so we wont have to worry about the beasts we spent the night dreaming of nectar and ambrosia till the ball of fire shone thru the cracks in the cave like the gods were shining their light through.
i gather my men so we can make a plane to get out of this island.
I command the men to run to the ship and fast and hard hard to make a earthquake bigger and stronger than poseidon
have are shields and spears in front of us hitting anything in front of it we make it to the ship
We find that nothing is broken or rip especially the sail.
I communed the crew to get on the ship and sail away
from the crying island as quick as possible I turn around to look at the island and thank the Gods for our survival.

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