Notice Her

November 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Look over there, do you see her? That girl in the corner, her cheeks stained by tears. She has wandered to a place where there are many ways to enter, but only one narrow way to exit. She cannot hide her shame in returning here time after time.

She asks herself, “How did I get here? I’m no longer who I thought I was!” Breaking down in fresh tears, she finds her soul crippled by the fear she has come too far down this dark and lonely path ever to be rescued and loved again. All this work she has done to maintain the façade of “good enough” is falling apart before her eyes. These wall built to hide her problems and pain are just glass from the outside. Too scared to confide in anyone, she retreats behind her glass walls but finds her shame will not disappear.

“How long must I pray and wait for dawn and my knight in shining armor to burn through my endless night?” She begs for someone to notice her, help her. But she is only one in seven billion, who would care to stop to listen to her? Who would bother pausing to hear her breaking heart? Why would anyone look long enough to see her? She can hardly stand up, she needs someone to hold her close, to shield and protect her form this hell called life. She wants to shut her eyes like a little kid, block out all this pain and misery, but so much could slip away in that one moment.

With no way out, no one to hold her, no medicine to ease her agonizing heart and mind, she gives up and becomes invisible once more.

The author's comments:
Too many people overlook the person in most need of help. This girl is me. I am this girl. We are one and the same. But no one would ever guess for I am always laughing and smiling, "maintaining the facade of good enough." But the mask comes off when I am alone.

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