The Cycle

November 21, 2011
By Runningtaco BRONZE, Federalsburg, Maryland
Runningtaco BRONZE, Federalsburg, Maryland
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Long before the Earth ever existed, our goddess, Thermable, lived in the heavens on a thick, luscious cloud with a son named Hatapunchae and a daughter named Fester who were the equivalent of a human six year old.
On a blazing afternoon when Thermable was planting flowers on her cloud lawn, the two young gods stayed inside because of the extreme heat. They sat near an open window to watch their mother perform her work. However, all of a sudden, the young gods started arguing. Hatapunchae and Fester have a known tendency to bicker when they are in an enclosed area for an extended amount of time. Nobody knows exactly why they started arguing, but when they did, they say it could be heard from many mountains away. When Thermable heard their shrills, she dropped her handful of dirt that she was using out of the cloud; out of the heavens; to create Earth.

Thermable is a patient goddess, all she did was pick up the dirt that did not fall to Earth and called the kids, “Hatapunchae, Fester, please be quiet when I am working.” Hatapunchae and Fester seemed to listen to their mother because they stopped arguing and apologized for their actions. Thermable accepted their apology and continued her work.
When Thermable finished planting, she went to fetch a bucket of water. She walked to her pond full of salt water to fill up her bucket. On her way back, she was startled when she heard her children arguing again.

She was so startled that she had dropped her bucket full of salt water out of the cloud; out of heavens; to create the Great Sea.
Thermable was angrier than she was the first time. She presumed to shout, “Hatapunchae, Fester, be quiet when I am working.” Hatapunchae and Fester apologized again, and again, Thermable accepted their apologies. Thermable went to fill up the bucket again and watered her flowers.

When Thermable finished this task, she went to go get some of her “magic” bacteria that help plants grow. When Thermable returned with the bacteria, she was once again startled by her children and dropped the bacteria out of the cloud; out of the heavens; to create organisms that evolved into the modern day human.

Thermable proceeded to yell at the top of her lungs, “HATAPUNCHAE, FESTER, come to my presence!” They rushed out of their house to confront their mother. “I told you once not to disturb me; I told you twice not to disturb me; so now you both must suffer the consequences! I will banish the two of you from the heavens until my work is complete. I will give you the sign telling you that you both may return.”


Because of the annoyances of Hatapunchae and Fester, they were banished from the heavens and were sent to the newly created Earth until their mother gave them the sign to return. The sign was the extreme cold of winter and the fall of snow. This is an annual cycle and the reason why today we have cold winters and hot summers.

The young gods are condemned to Earth every winter to stay away from their mother while she works in the gardens. The cold and the snow are the signs that indicate that Hatapunchae and Fester are to remain on Earth. When Thermable is finished working, she heats the Earth and ceases the fall of the snow. This means that they are able to return.

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