Rubber Ball

November 10, 2011
By lauren klasic BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
lauren klasic BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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A rubber red ball is calling my name. Bouncing up and down on the gym floor. Countless germs on the ball from all the kids touching it. Dead silence as we wait for the whistle. Eventually I will run to get a ball. First one to get out, of course. Grumpy now because I got out, I sit there. Hoping somebody will catch a ball so I can go back in. I’m in after multiple people getting out they finally catch one and I’m back in it. Just as I walk back in I get a ball thrown at me. I dodge it swiftly and I pick up one of those red rubber balls. Katie throws a ball at me. Lucky she misses me and I stay in. My coach says that I must catch a ball so we can get more people in. Nine on eight this is going to be tricky. Out of luck now, we got down by two people seven on eight. Please help me win god I say as I throw the next ball. Quickly I scurry back to get another ball. Really feeling the pressure now as more people get out. Six on six its either teams win. There will only be one team who wins today and that will be my team. Vents blow cold air so the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Who will win is the big question, who will go home with the trophy. Xylophones play when we win its all over. Zipped over to the court to go congratulate tom who stayed in from the beginning.

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its a abc Paper so every sentence starts with one of the letters from the alphabet.

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