The Coma

November 8, 2011
By ducking193 BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
ducking193 BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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The tall pale man woke up, dazed; he felt a pounding on the front of his head, and his lanky body queasy. The doctor was surprised that the man woke; the doctor checked the man’s health, and concluded that he was fine to leave the hospital. The man receives clothes from the hospital, and he leaves. The man realizes something, and went on a mission on that cold autumn October 4th.

He walks up to 257 Elm Street and bangs on the door with his fist; tears running down the sides of his face, he calls for the one; he then bends over, grabs the spare key under the doormat, and unlocks the door; rushing upstairs, with his heart at its fastest rate, he hopes for her; he arrives, and the canvas was empty; no girl, no love.
The man went to his knees, and he wondered why. I was only asleep for a little bit, why would she leave? He then approached the computer calendar. The year was 2016. How can this be, was I asleep for four years? He then walked to his drawers, changed into jeans and a tee-shirt, and sat at his table. He took out photo albums, searched the house for notes, and found a piece of paper next to a stuffed bear. It read:

Dear Brad,
I love you, and I have waited nine months for you; however, I cannot take it anymore. The doctor said that you were going to die, so I am moving on with my life. I was grief stricken, but no more. I choose now to continue as if you have died, but I will always love you.


The paper crumpled in Brad’s hand and his heart tore in two. How could this be? he thought to himself, as seven years pass, the same very thought ran through his head.
He goes back into work, amazed with the world he lives in: a cure for cancer, contact with people at any time on demand, and even instant food made using only thoughts to power the machine. Brad decided he wanted a hot dog, but then he went into his own mind which darkened reality.
He saw his first date, a day trip to Coney Island. The two of them felt like children, running from ride to ride, smelling greasy carnival food and feeling the ocean’s breeze; hopping on a roller coaster, Brad and Kerri felt the wind push back their hair, as it weaved in between each strand, each cell; and the twists and turns shook their bodies tremendously. They hopped off, and Kerri became hungry. Brad purchases a teddy bear and a hot dog for Kerri, and the two split the hot dog while sitting at a table by the river. The hot dog vanishes, and the two embrace on the lips; a warmth felt within Brad’s chest grew bigger and hotter, he glances back up and Kerri sighs and peers into Brad’s gaze with pure affection…
Reality slapped Brad across the face, and Brad ate his lunch and went back to his cubicle. He packs up for the day, walks down the stairwell with briefcase in hand; and he bumps into a woman about his height on the way out of the building. The woman turns around replying “sorry!” and Brad saw the darkness of his eyelids and slammed on the cold ground.

Brad woke up, dazed; he felt a pounding on the front of his head, and his lanky body queasy. The doctor saw that he woke, checked Brad’s health, and concluded that he finally awoke.

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