a ghost in a swamp

November 8, 2011
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The sky was a light shade of blue, almost crystal with a few wispy snows like clouds floating slowly across it. The air was fresh and clean .the trees were a lush green, the swamps water was dark and murky, random ripples would come out of know we’re and disappear back to where they came and if you looked closely you could see black shadows moving underneath it. But yet something about it made it so warm and inviting. I slowly slipped my shoes off and left them on a rock. I took a slow step in, my bare toes sunk into the mud. It was cold but warm at the same time, a weird sensation that made me take another step. I heard the sound of a crow calling in the distance but then once again it was silent. I took another step in now it was round my ankles and I felt a small pond guppy brush past and that made me laugh. The sound of the giggle echoed through the marsh. I took a few more steps, until the brim of my dress was starting to soak up the water. The white cotton drawing in the brownish green slime.
The water was so relaxing and calming, it almost made me sleepy. So I lay down on the water and just let myself float there it was like laying on a bed of. I slowly drifted along watching the clouds, listening to the nothing. Everything was gone. All the pain, the worry. I was finally happy. I was finally able to smile. I floated along my eyes closed and my smile spreading from one ear to the other. I drifted into a patch of weeds but I stayed still I was too happy to care to happy to notice them slowly rap themselves around me until the point they started to pull me under. I felt the waterslide over my skin. And I took a final breath before they pulled me fully under. I shook and I pulled. I thrashed my body in all directions but that just made their grip tighten until it started to cut into my skin I finally broke one hand free and started to grab at the weeds to pull them away but still they regained there grip .then came the pain. My lungs started to burn they felt like they were going to explode like someone was squeezing them tighter and tighter. Then the swamp water started to sting the cuts. Still the weeds pulled me deeper, until the surface of the water was still again and none of my movement even sent a ripple through it. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. The water seemed to watch me like I was something alien. I finally let go. I let out a quivering breath that was soon replaced by a rush of water. At first it scared me but then I felt the weeds grip loosen and I started to float and for a split second I was weightless, floating in air. There was happiness everywhere and I started to laugh. Then everything went black, and I woke up in a sweat. The pain and the memories all coming back and the realisation that it was all just a dream. I sat up in my bed. Trying to remember the happiness I felt when suddenly a pain came from my wrist and as I looked it was covered in tiny cuts. Just like the ones you get form plants.

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