why should i care

November 6, 2011
By austin vigurie BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
austin vigurie BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Ever one tries to make people happy,but why should i care.The same people who pushed me around,the same people that kick me when i was down.Throw ever thing i wondered how are you take this.When i was in the dark place that you are in now.What did i do the hole tI'me i was there.My wrist tells that story.When i look at you i see all the tears in your eyes.All i can do is look down and say why should i care.You did so much to me why should i be there for you when you broke my heart.You never cried once and that's all i could do.As i looking at you thinking what i should do then.The most beautiful angel took my hand and pull me to you.I put my hands on her face and said its going to be ok she look up with tears on her face.I whipped them away and pulled her in to my arms.I made the tears stop and i smiled at her and walk away hoping you would stop me.I keep down my path as i look back you where smiling.The same Angela look at me and smiled.I guess i did something right.I look back one more tI'me and she doing the same as are eyes meat ever thing that happened with me and run threw my head.I trued and said to the Angela I'm not going over there maybe when I'm stronger.As the Angela disappeared i ended this fairytale.

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