The Blaze

November 6, 2011
By xoxoadidas BRONZE, Mead, Colorado
xoxoadidas BRONZE, Mead, Colorado
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I stood there. Cold, alone, and scared. Watching the fire ablaze, the realization that the one home I had ever felt comfortable in, was going down in flames. I didn't know where I was in this particular region of the forest. No clue as to what time it was. No animals were scurrying about, they were gone. Smart little critters. All I know, is that I got out of my home alive. The fire had almost completely engulfed it before I got out. Going back to those terrifying last moments, before I felt the heat, I was praying as hard as I thought humanly possible. I don't believe in God, I am not affiliated with any church or God or religion. But I prayed. Then, when the heat was worse than Death Valley on it's hottest day, it hit me. I had to get out and lose my home, or stay and have my family lose not only the house, but me as well. But now, I stand atop a hillside, watching my one and only forest, deep and mysterious,being slowly munched on by the red embers of the night. The hillside across from me looked as if it were glowing. A breeze ruffled the dying embers out of their slumber, into a blaze of orange heat. It looked almost as eerie as a haunted house in the fog, full moon barely seen. Fiery-red embers looked like floating eyes, watching the world for the powerful fire god, in the dying black of night.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when I was looking through a National Geographic at the featured pictures. It was a picture of a hill-side with little blips of orange flames erupting everywhere on the black hill-side. I was inspired, and this was the outcome of my inspiration!

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