Finally Solved

November 17, 2011
By , Rio de Janeiro, MI
John was seating in his office, trying to find something helpful and useful to do. He was nervous gnawing his nails, seated down on his chair. A big black chair, showed his power and money. “Will Brad have the anti-virus on time?” John heard a “knock-knock” sound. He opened the door. And it was Brad, with a strange face. Could be a bad or a good new.
“Amen! Are you done? Do you have the anti-virus? Please tell me you
do! “– Said the nervous, disquieted and tense men.
“Hey, after one month of hard work. With everyone working and trying
to help the most they could. We are, finally, done! The anti-virus is done. The hard work had a good result.” – Brad said
“Oh, great! Thanks, now we can make the new presentation of the
computer! We have to do it as fast as possible. I want everyone to see the computer, and love it! “– The excited man said.
“You know I’m a hard worker! I always work till I get the solution! I
will never give up! “– Said Brad, trying to show that he worked a lot.
“Now, I’m going to call Bryan. To tell him to markdown the new
presentation. “– The man called Bryan, and told him that Brad solved the
problem with the anti-virus, and that they needed to set the date of the
presentation, the sooner the better, because he wanted to see everyone’s faces when they get to see the new revolutionary creation of Apple. ISense. Brad said he was going to set it to the next Wednesday, coming in five days.
Bryan is a fast worker. He is really helpful, and helped a lot on this
project with the anti-virus! – Said Brad.
“Yes, he has been helping me a lot, he has been a great worker. So, we
have five days to check all the system and connections. And then, when the system is already checked , we can start producing and distribute it to all the resellers. But, let’s start checking tomorrow. For today, we are all done.” – Said Apple’s owner.
“Oh, great, and don’t you think we deserve a beer?” – Asked Brad,
“Sorry Brad, I have to do something tonight, but maybe tomorrow!
Answered John - The man walked by the hallways of the building, and told his workers that they have a free afternoon.” – But you can call all of them to go with you.
When John got to home. He invited all the family for a dinner. And then, they went to prepare themselves for the dinner.
Mary was wearing a blue dress with white details, which was right on her knees. She was really pretty; she put on a lot of make up, but not exaggerated. She was really gorgeous. Madeleine was wearing her white shirt, and a black skirt. Drake was using a blue jeans and a blue shirt. And finally, John was using his favorite suit. They were all well prepared for a dinner at Sawa, their favorite restaurant.

As always, when they got to the car, Madeleine and Drake started to fight, because of the their seats. As John used his seat in the car, in the back position, he didn’t leave much space for the on who seated behind him. After arguing a lot, finally they decided Madeleine would seat behind Mary, because she was a girl, and girls always have priority.

At the restaurant they had an excellent dinner. They ordered some champagne to celebrate. The food was excellent as usual. They had a great time together.

When they arrived home. Everyone went to sleep. But, there was a surprise on Madeleine’s and Drake’s bed. Each one of them got a gift from John. It was new computer, called Isense.

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