Jake & David Fight

November 16, 2011
By Morgan Roos BRONZE, Monument, Colorado
Morgan Roos BRONZE, Monument, Colorado
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Jake and David were standing in Jake’s backyard talking. Earlier that year they had built a small covered gym with all of the necessary gymnastic equipment.

While leaning on the balance beam, Jake said “it will be a dream come true when we finally make it to the Olympics.”

“But what if we don’t?” David said back.

“We will, right coach?”

“Well, it will take a lot of hard work and you both might not make it. Jake you have a lot of natural talent but David you have to work a little bit harder to keep up with him. If either of you are going to make it you have to give it 120%,” their coach, Robbie said.

“I don’t think I want to go to the Olympics anymore. It’s just a childish dream, it will never happen. It’s a waste of our lives.” David stated ferociously and stomped outside.

“But you can’t just give up now, David.” Jake said and followed David. “You have to keep going, it’s our dream.”

“I can and will leave. This isn’t my dream anymore. I want to be an architect.”

Robbie said quietly “both of you could make it to the Olympics one day. You shouldn’t give up so soon, you’re only 16.”

“Good luck Jake, I hope you win. See you both later. Maybe I’ll come watch you in the Olympics if you ever make it there.”

“Don’t go.” Said Jake, but David had already left his backyard and walked off, into the street.

He ran after David, shouting his name and finally caught up to him on the other side of the street.

David started to cry and choked out the words “I’m sorry.”

Jake was very surprised because he had never seen David this way before, he was usually so strong, but right then he just kind of collapsed. It took a while for David to stop crying and to get himself under control while Jake comforted him. I have to tell him, thought David. I have to tell him what happened. Jake waited patiently for David to tell him because he knew he would when he was ready.

David blurted out, “I have to get a job to support my mom and 3 sisters. It will take too much time and money to continue doing gymnastics, even though I really want to and I’m the only one old enough to work.”

“And your dad,” Jake prompted.

David started to break down again and said, “he is sick, he only has two months to live.”

Jake knew that he should say something but didn’t. He is too shocked to speak so instead he leaned over and hugged David.

“I understand and I’ll be here to help you whenever and with whatever you want,” said Jake.

“Thank you,” David said softly and then turned and walked away.

Then Robbie walked up behind Jake with sad eyes and said that he had heard and was very sorry. Jake and Robbie were both too stunned to do anything. It started to rain and they both just stood there in the downpour, soaking wet.

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