My 6th birthday

November 16, 2011
Doopa,doopa,doopaty,dopp went the anoying music of the oswald circus over and over again.It was driving me nuts. So my mom suggested we go and feed the animals. this is where my day began to go wrong. First we brought some food. I strolled in the petting pen,very excited. I took a knee as i do in football practice. Then a black sheep trotted over to me, keeping his eyes on the hand that contained the feed. So i poured a small amount into my free hand. With no hesitation, he quickly began to eat the food out of my hand.I could feel wet lips pick up the feed as if he were a vacuum. Then it happened, i had forgot i had some feed in my back pocket of my jeans. And a hungry goat chewed threw my jeans, revealing my tighty-whities.I had to wear my moms pink sweater to hide the shame. After i ran to feed the camel, since he was in a cage there was no way he could do nothing to me , so i thought,. The massive beast had to humps the size of me. I slowly raised the feed to its mouth, in stead of eating it, he spat in my face as if he were a lama. the spit oozed down my face like slime. i did not want to see the circus show anymore, so we went home and i had a fear of the camel ever since then. It was the worst birthday of my life.

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