Past the Sneakers

November 16, 2011
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I think there are a lot of people out there who go through a experience and blame themselves, weather the situation was really their fault or wasn’t. And I think that changes them. It makes them feel depressed and hopeless. In the article “Past the Sneakers” It’s about a boy who lets his sister sit in the front seat of his car on a day where the pavement was wet from rain earlier that morning, he’d lost control of the wheel and the airbag saved him but not his sister. His parents lost all of their respect for him and pretend as if he’d die too because they don’t talk to him or even look at him. I mean it was a bad choice to let his sister sit in the front seat when he knew she wasn’t suppose to but its not his fault it was raining and lost control of the wheel. The situation that happened could of happened to anyone. Not just him. No one can move on quickly when they lose someone due to a car accident nor get over the situation fully, but I think a part of yourself at some point starts to accept it. What the parents were doing in this story was very wrong. I’m not a parent yet but from what my parents have taught me is when you decide to start a family, your making a vow to be the best parent and you’re always suppose to be there for your children no matter what the situation. He needed the support from his parents to help with the pain caused by the accident but they didn’t bother even trying to comfort him. All they did was disown him and neglect which than led him to attempting suicide, If I were a parent and this situation happened to me I would be very sad about it, but if I still had one child I wouldn’t waste any time with them. Their daughter, Diane isn’t coming back, they can morn over her all they want but they shouldn’t act as if their other child died too. Life throws unexpected turns in your life and what you need to do is come together as a family and help cope each other through it. Coping with this kind of a situation is hard, and it takes awhile to accept change. Just try your best and don’t give up.

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