Love never dies

July 10, 2008
By Brianne Murphy BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Brianne Murphy BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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First impressions were never his strong point. Tom Jones the guy that changed my life forever. We first met in the halls at school. I ran into his arm and dropped my books at his feet. He just laughed and walked away. "Walk much?"
I frowned after him, "jerk," I yelled back.

The next time, I was eating lunch. He walked by tripping and spilling his nachos all over the table. I laughed smirking up to him. "Walk much?" A little taste of revenge, oh how sweet. He shrugged walking away, but I knew it bothered him more then that.

So making new friends weren't my good points, especially with him. Every time from then on he'd roll his eyes when seeing me, and I'd stick my tongue out in return. Ok, sure it was childless, but did I care. Well I did actually allot. It drove me up the wall.

Then came the fateful day when we were paired up as English partners. I stared up shocked at Mr. Lones. Could he be serious? We agreed to meet at Tom's house the first night. I dreaded it the whole day right up until I was on Tom door step, knocking lightly.

He answered, and shockingly he held a smile, a friendly one without the annoyed look I usually got from him. "Um hi," I remember muttering. And he laughed.
"You really don't like me uh?" I shrugged following him into the house. That's when things started to change.

To tell you the truth, we got nothing done that first night on the project. He tried to teach me how to throw a football, and laughed his head off when I failed miserably. That was fine though since he couldn't do a handspring like me. He told me stories about New York.(Filling my head with descriptive images) And I explained everything that went on here before he moved to our town.

That night really change everything for me. He no longer seemed like some jerk that made me feel horrible. He really made happy now, every time he smiled my heart would jump, and whenever he laughed I couldn't help but laugh either. I couldn't stop thinking about him that night as I lay in my bed.

Well from there on things were sort of put into place. My worst enemy soon became my best friend. He'd walk home from school with me everyday. He'd put sticky notes on the back of my shirt, saying things like "KERRA LOVES TOM, NOT YOU." or "I"M COOL, but NOT LIKE TOM " or even "WARNING, YOU DON'T WANT MESS WITH THIS GIRL. KEEP WALKING FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY " I'd roll my eyes when finding out and stuff his locker with toilet paper. It was fun and the pranks continued.

Then the best day of my life came a few months later. We were walking home from school it all came at me too fast, but before I realized it Tom made an interesting judgement call. "Kerra you've never been kissed uh?"
I shrugged but felt humiliated at the same time. I finally admitted I hadn't been. "Do you want to be kissed?" he asked.
"Not by you," I lied feeling my cheeks turn bright red. He called my bluff and right there he kissed me. It felt like was magic no lie.

After that I knew I was in love,things were just right. He said I was the cutest girl he'd ever met. And they way he kissed me everyday I knew he was the cutest guy I was ever met. I rode him piggy back around the park every Friday after school, and I treated him to ice cream after that. We'd watch movies late into the night and talk on the phone until two in the morning. He bought me roses valentines day, and I returned the gift with chocolate and the best kiss he'd ever had, at least that's what he said.

He taught me to think positive about everything, no matter how bad it was. When I stressed over fights with my friends I'd cry into his chest soaking his shirt, but he never complained. He'd always kiss it better. He'd stay up late with me on the phone studying for tests. He went to all my soccer games, and I tried to go to all his football games. Unless I was mad then he would call later and apologize for what ever was wrong.

I loved him so much but I got jealous of other girls. They like him and he was mine. He said he loved me no matter what. And I told him he was lying. He was hurt but never gave up on me. He told me he loved me every day and every day I would argue.

When the The last day of school came we decided to go out to eat for dinner. Afterwards we walked around the park, it started to rain. "I Love you," He said as the water sprinkled across my face. I looked up to him, the words were shaky as they came out but I finally said it "I believe you," I replied. "And I love you more."
"Good," he laughed kissing me,
That was the last thing I said. We crossed the street hand in hand with me on his left. What happened next came so fast it seemed almost slow motion, (If that makes sense) A car came speeding down the road full of drunk students from school excited about summer. They slammed on their brakes seeing us, but it wasn't soon enough. The car screeched into us, "Kerra!" I heard him yell but the rest was blurry. I was pushed across the street slamming me head against the side walk. It went black after that.

I didn't find out until the next morning that Tom had died a few hours after crash, without any sort of goodbye.He had left my life forever, just like that. Although I can hardly remember I was certain he had pushed me out of the way. I survived with only bruises. I came out unbroken from the incident, at least physically. The shock of the whole thing was too much for me to handle I cried all day in my room I wouldn't come out and I wouldn't eat. All I could do was pray, pray my sweet wonderful Tom would come back to me.

Weeks later I walked down the same side walk along the park the one we used to walk down so many times. I smelled the hot summer air. This was supposed to be the best summer of my life with my Tom by my side. A car pulled along beside me, it was Tom's mother.
"Kerra I think this is for you," She said softly. Handing me a sealed letter. "We found this while cleaning out his room."

I carefully took the letter with my name written in the front. I pulled it open slowly hands shaking. I read this.

"Dear Kerra,
Don't ask me how I know this because I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that incase something ever happens to me you need to know this. Your the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'd do anything as long as you happy, so don't cry. I don't want you to cry for me. I hate it when you cry. I love you so much, and I know you don't believe me, but please just this once will you believe me? Because I do love you. You made my life worth living. If I happened to die today or tomorrow or next week, It would be ok with me, because I had you for the time I did. I want you to know I wouldn't trade you for anything not even my life.

Kerra, don't worry about me if I go ok. I want you to be able to move on. You don't owe me anything, so don't be afraid to love again. I want to know I Ieft you happy not alone and miserable, so please I'm begging you laugh for me or smile. I love it when you smile. I feel funny for writing this letter I'm healthy and young, and I won't go any time soon.

Thank you for making a difference in my life. I will never forget you, and If I did go, I'm looking down on you now. I'll be you guardian angel watching over you through thick in thin. If you fall down, don't be afraid to get back up again. I love you now and always.

Your one and only Tom

A tear rolled down my cheek, as I finished the last words. It wasn't from sadness though. I missed him so much, but with this final boost of courage I could make it through this. People died all the time, but love never does. He loved me, someone loved me and he still did even if he wasn't here right now. I looked up to Tom's Mom. Tears were rolling down her cheek too, "he really cared for you," She whispered.
" Thank you," I stuttered back wiping my cheek.

My life as changed so much from that point. Moving on was one of the hardest things I've ever attempted and some days I just want to go back to the time where I could laugh with him, pressing my fingertips against his as he kissed my forehead. Even though people die, memories they leave behind don't. I took Tom's advice that if I fall to always to get back up. Because love never dies.

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