The girl on the side

July 9, 2008
" You! did this!" Emily screamed angerly. I was puzzled, when I looked up to clark he was calm. Like he had expected this. "Emily settled down" I muttered. She a bewildered grin on her face. " You know what? No I don't think I will -SETTLE DOWN- I have ever right to be anger. So should Clark!". I saw a frown form on his lips " Thats enough!" Emily's Glasses were in a total fog. "Why did you have to come here? Everything was going to be perfect everything.... Any you ruined it" "Emily what are you talking about?" I was getting slightly agataded. She rearanged her little smile..." I was suppose to be Clarks.." Clark tilted his hid " Huh?..." " Don't you remember?" He tilted his head alittle more. I joined him in unision. " Emily are you sure?" I asked starting to get upset myshelf. " Of course I'm sure. Everysingle day I'd be the only one brave enough to talk to him. I'd go to him. But then you came along and..." She started to cry shaking. Clark had no clue what was going on but non the less he knelt down beside her and hugged her. That ticked me off. Emily glared at me through the corner of her eyes with a grin. " It'll be ok M" He smiled still having no Idea what was going on. She gave a fake chuckle and he wiped her eyes. "Hey Lilly I'm ganna go with Emily , your ok walking home today" I Was stunned. "Umm Yay.. I'll see you later" I muttered. " You rock!" He laughed and hugged my motionless body before running down the hallway with Emily ....

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