The pedestrian

November 11, 2011
By david bobby BRONZE, Des Moines, Iowa
david bobby BRONZE, Des Moines, Iowa
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There once was a pedestrian walking to his job. His name was Ryan. His job was to transmit important files to certain people, these people were bad people. Today Ryan accendentally got the wrong file. Ryan was walking down the street with his portable suitcase, he thought to himself that he has never really known what was in the files so he was tempted to look at them so he did, he opened the suitcase and took out the file. He saw that his friend was going to get killed. He was so scared, he couldn't go to the police or he would of got killed. This was unacceptable! He cant let his friend die. He had to instruct him that he was going to die. Ryan knew now its going to be a venture for his friend and him. Ryan suddenly had a flashback he remembered that he had a secret hide out that nobody knew of. He got to his friends house and told him that he was going to die and that he needed to come with Ryan or else he would of died. This seldomly ever happens to people, they went to a abandoned warehouse and reinforced the doors and windows so nobody could come in. Ryan's friend was acting sheepish, it was like he wasn't telling him something, but what? He found a knive in the warehouse that was made by a blacksmith. Ryan went up to him and cut his leg and told him to tell him his secret. He screamed and then told the secret to Ryan. The secret was that he was a descendent of a gang that caused alot of problems. So he had a bad reputation because of his gang. They had to go see a visionary but ryan's friend would not go because he dosnt believe in it. Ryan was aspired to save his friends life. Ryan was walking around the warehouse but then he saw an inscription on the wall saying that there was still a posinous gas in the warehouse, both ryan and his friend died .

The author's comments:
I like using vocab words in my essay because it makes it pop out from the rest of the essay's in the world.

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