The Gauntlet

November 7, 2011
By , Dover, NH
As he fell to his knees; he cried out, calling pointlessly for relief from the growing pain that had encased his right arm. The gauntlet that was wrapped tightly around the skin – and occupying most of his forearm – had twisted violently, and broken both bones in the upper arm. He leaned forward sharply, the splitting pain reverberating through his body. He screamed, falling down onto his back, and latching his left hand onto the gauntlet, prying at it desperately – and un-affectively – in an attempt to free himself from the shear agony it had caused him to this point. His eyes darted to each edge of the room, searching for something – ANYTHING – to save him from this terrible pain.

Then, he caught something in the corner of his eye. A key, connected to a long, thin string was hanging from the ceiling in the opposite side of the room. He wasn’t sure if it was the key to the gauntlet, or even remotely useful, but it was his best chance of escaping the metal torture device. He places his left hand down firmly in front of him, and weakly pushed himself to his feet, his legs shaking uncontrollably. He inched his way slowly across the room, as moving too much caused an excruciating pain in his right arm. As he made his way towards the other side of the room, his vision dimmed and blurred slightly, making movement very difficult, and causing him to nearly fall over, multiple times. But, despite the pain in his arm, and the progressing loss of mobility, he finally made his way to the key, extending his left hand out, and swinging at it a few times before successfully catching it. He pulled on it objectively, and brought the small silver key to rest in a key-slot on the underside of the gauntlet.

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CautionwetPaint said...
Nov. 25, 2011 at 4:31 pm
I like horror stories as much as the next person but there's no like story behind it. So in short, I agree with Jappy. Why is he in the gauntlet? 
Jappyalldayeveryday said...
Nov. 16, 2011 at 9:08 am
This is good, but I want to know why he's in the gauntlet...
Bisquick_Fin replied...
Nov. 16, 2011 at 8:18 pm
I understand that much. It's a short story, so it has an open ending, but I could continue it, if I got some feedback on it, by a few people, who also want it to continue. :)
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