a snow white tale

November 11, 2011
By Ligetle15 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
Ligetle15 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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Once there was thus young girl named Lilly. She lived alone with her dad because her mother and older sister left the family when she was very young. She never new them and always felt abandon. So she kept to herself a lot. There was only one person besides her dad she considered her friend. For a while she had a pretty good life. Then everything changed when her friend moved back in with his parents. His father was on his death bed and his older brother was very sick. To make things even worse her mom came back into the picture and tricked her dad into letting her back in. while she did this she also made Lilly’s life miserable. When her father wasn’t around her mom would call her names, treated Lilly like she was an escaped criminal and make her get in trouble all the time. One day after dealing with her mom for so many years couldn’t take it anymore. And decided to just run off somewhere to escape the madness at home. When her dad found It he didn’t know what to do “why did she run away” he asked all her mom said was “well she’s a bad kid all this is just a fit because I told her to do on simple thing.” Right before Lilly’s dad was able to say something else someone was at the door. “Hello is Lilly home?” it was Lilly’s old friend Charlie. Then her mom opened the door and said rudely “she’s not home right now she ran off somewhere being a baby so please leave.” Disappointed Charlie closed the door and walked to his car. He kept fiddling with a tiny box in his pocket. Without another thought he drove off some were.
Lilly ran until she reached the woods. Then she heard Someone familiar. Someone she hadn’t heard in a while. She was tempted to go back and look. Then they started calling her. “No I can’t go back I’m finally free from her” she said to herself. She saw some thick evergreens and decided they might be a good hiding spot. After fighting to get through she found a clearing. Whoever was calling her name had stopped. She sat down mad. “Why did she have to come back, if my dad really loved me he wouldn’t have let her came back.” Then she sat down and began to cry. After what seemed like hours of being alone she calmed herself down and dozed off. When she woke up she wasn’t in the forest any more. “Where am I” she asked herself.
She looked around and saw a cabin. She started to look around. Everyone she ran into was very sweet and friendly she started to relax. “Maybe I can live here then I wouldn’t have to go home. She was walking through an open meadow enjoying the fresh country breeze in her face when an arrow zoomed past her and barley missed her. “I wonder what that was all about” she said in a half nervous tone. Thinking it was a miss shot she walked away like nothing happened. Then another one came and this time it was even closer. “I don’t think that was an accident” Then the archer ran till he was in sight then he aimed right for her heart. Without hesitation she started to run away as arrows zoomed passed her. Soon she found herself in the woods again and got herself lost. “Well at least I lost him” no sooner she said that the archer had found her. She started to walk backwards then tripped in a vine. The archer aimed for the final blow. Then he slowly pulled back on the arrow and Lilly knew this was the end of her. Then he dropped everything and started to cry. “I can’t do it I just can’t” Lilly sat up and asked “can’t do what” sobbing he said “your mother told me to kill you but you haven’t done anything wrong.” Scare Lilly asked “but…but why would she want me dead” the archer was frantic all of a sudden “I don’t know but it isn’t safe here, you have to run. Run now and don’t come back it’s the only way.” She stood up and brushed dirt off. “What about you though would you gets hurt.” Calmly the archer responded “owe don’t you worry about me I’ll be just fine but I more worried about you now please hurry.” Yet again Lilly takes off until she’s stopped by this little worker.
He asked “what are the hurry lass” then Lilly explained everything that happened to her. Cheerfully the little worker said “well don’t cha worry a bit you can stay with me and my little crew in a cabin not to far from here. You can stay as long as you like.” Lily smiles and says “oh thanks a lot I hope things clear up soon.” So the little worker leads Lilly to his cabin where she meets the rest. Each day in return for letting her stay with them she would cook there supper and clean up around the house witch wasn’t hard because there cabin wasn’t that big. A few days later Lilly’s mother caught wind that she was still alive the archer went into hiding do he wouldn’t get hurt. She said “oh I want her dead I want her dead! Where is that darn archer he was suppose to take care of her for me.” Then her servant responded “well you see she’s living in a cabin with some workers out in the woods maybe we can get her then” then her mother had the most evil smile appear on her face. She worked through the night and wiped up a poison. Then she found the brightest reddest apple on the tree and dipped it in the poison. The next day she went out as a farmer and headed Lilly’s direction.
The next day Lilly had just sent off her little friends to work. She was sitting outside reading a book that was some what calming. Then an old farmer came up with a basket of fruit. She said “well hello pretty little girl would you like to try one of my apples I just picked?” The one that caught her eye was the reddest looking apple she had ever seen. “Oh thank you” She took it then took a bit out of it then the lady walks away. First her mouth went numb then it had a very bad taste to it. “Huh that’s odd maybe it was a bad apple.” Later she started feeling weird. “What’s going on” Before she realized what had happened she passed out and went into a very deep sleep. When her friends came back they started to cry thinking she had died. So they put her in a glass coffin and decorated it with flowers. Day and night they guarded it. Even the animal’s watched time from time to give the workers a break. One day Lilly’s old friend came to see her workers saw he meant no harm and let him see her. He saw that she was still bereaving very slowly and she still looked alive. He opens up the coffin and then bends down and gave her a kiss. The minute she felt it she woke up. This time for real
The sun was starting to set. Then her old friend Charlie who had moved away years ago walked in looking for her. He asked “what’s wrong why you are hiding I come over for a visit and your not there.” She bowed her head and said “it’s my mom she’s making my life miserable but I don’t want to disappoint my dad so I haven’t told him I’m mean I couldn’t take it any more. Besides if they don’t like me anyway.” Then Charlie smiled and said “what if I could take you away from that” Lilly then looked up confused. “What do you mean?”
Six years later
Lilly had moved to her Aunt Betty’s house. She never had to deal with her mom again and was finally able to start living her life. She also started to go out with Charlie. For once she was happy and was able to wear a smile truthfully again. She was even able to go to the best collage around. The night before she graduated she found a card on her room door. All it said was “and they lived a happily ever after.” She then asked her aunt “what do you think this means?” her aunt just shrugged. The next day after her name was called she looked down to see who was there. She saw her aunt and her dad of all people. But the one that caught her eye was Charlie. For some odd reason he gave her a sneaky look. A few hours later he found her sitting on the fountain. “Hey Lil I got you a little present.” Lilly smiled “what is it” “here find out yourself. She found herself opening a small black box. To her surprise a diamond ring was inside. Still in shock Charlie slipped the ring on her finger and said “so I guess that smile means yes.” All she did was nod. I guess you can say they lived happily ever after.

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