Dear You,

October 29, 2011
By meamsusan SILVER, Walnut, California
meamsusan SILVER, Walnut, California
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I wish you wonderful dreams. I hope you go to bed tired and wake fully energized. I hope only the greatest days, friends, teachers, and encounters are waiting for you at school. I wish that you wouldn’t have to be so confused about anything anymore, I wish you courage. I would give you mine, but I’m afraid I do not have enough even for myself. I wish you good luck and prosperity and an ivy league college to make your parents smile. But if that doesn't work out, I wish that you know it doesn't say anything about you. I wish you creativity and passion. I hope you have the type of days that challenge you and excite you, and I hope that you always know that you belong. I hope that you take lessons learned the right way. I hope that you make better choices than I have so far, and know to never take things for granted. I hope that you haven’t decided to be a optimist or a pessimist yet. I wish for you to be a realist in the best way. I hope that you don’t stop and wait for the world with a positive attitude the same way I hope you don’t stop because you believe you can’t do it. I hope you heed my words and be real, if that’s what takes. Because the world doesn’t stop for anyone. And the only way to not be left behind is to keep up. I wish you have loving parents that are there for you at home. I want know you know they love you. I hope they let you speak at dinner, and I hope that you hug and kiss them and laugh with them. I wish for you to know that family is the only thing that will last forever without having to learn it the hard way. I wish you adventure. I wish you bonds that can never be broken. In reality and in your dreams, I hope you are always happy. I hope you dream of the type of things I dream of. I dream of hammocks, and food and company and possible romances in the deep jungles. I dream of blushes and secrets and kisses. I hope your first kiss tastes like fruit if it had to taste like anything at all. I wish you to be pleased with your reflection because it can do no more to change itself than you can. I wish you the type of beauty that can’t be extinguished or belittled. I hope you are unconventionally beautiful. I hope you read lots of books. I wish you passion and success in whatever you want to do. I wish you a place where you belong. Most of all, I hope you know I care. I hope you know that I’m here,and that I wish you these and a thousand more.

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I hope you read this.

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