Why Do We have Day and Night?

October 29, 2011
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Long before there were people, plants, and animals on Earth, there was just Sun, the planets, and the stars. Sun, who was a complicated star, is very emotional. He never had anything better to do but hit on the planets. He would flirt all day and all night, to see who he would like to date the most. This went on for years until Sun finally settled his mind that the girl who he had the most feelings for, and who was in his thoughts most of the time, was Saturn. He was most certain that she was the one for him. Saturn was ecstatic when Sun buzzed the words that changed her life, crying of joy inside her. Who knew simple words could change someone’s life forever? The words “Would you be my girlfriend?” echoed in her. Saturn couldn’t believe what was happening to her. The best moment of her life had arrived. "Yes!" she screamed joyfully. Saturn was the type who overreacts, showing her deep emotions about things. She tries to keep things to herself, but sometimes she over exaggerates.
They lived a bright and never dull life, never having any complications or problems between them until God came to Sun and needed him for a job.

“What sort of job?” said Sun, raising an eyebrow in confusion. Sun, the slouchy one. He’s the type of person who wants things his own way. If he could live away for the rest of his life, not being bothered by anyone, he’d definitely choose that option. He dreads being bothered. Coming to the fact of being asked to do a favor, didn’t please him at all. That’s why he sometimes pretends not to have a clue of what someone’s asking him, even though he does have perfect clue. Don’t you feel like that sometimes? That’s typical Sun.

“A very important job,” God said back. “I am going to fill Earth with beautiful plants, trees, animals, and people, too.” God's a 'Mr. Perfect' person, he can do anything, and nobody could deny him.

“So what does this all have to do with me?” Sun replied back, a little annoyed that God was interrupting his date with Saturn. Sun knew that he wouldn’t get away with God’s request.

“Well I need you to keep Earth company and assist her in nurturing the plants and to help keep the animals and humans warm from the cold.”

“But I don’t want to go; I want to stay here with Saturn!” Sun spat back immediately.

“It’s ok Sun,” Saturn replied woefully, “I guess I can just watch you work from over here.” All eyes were on Saturn, like a spotlight. Sun wouldn’t argue with her, so he just sighed, then looked back at God.

“Come Sun, we must go now.” God said slowly, and quietly, knowing Sun wasn’t very enthusiastic about this job. Sun went along with God towards Earth, not knowing if he had chosen the right decision to choose God and the Earth over Saturn.
After weeks and weeks or working, Sun had always felt guilty at work, because he would always stare at Saturn’s beautiful face, always reminding him of how he had left his girlfriend for his duty. He would always see the look on Saturn’s face, the way she stares at him, trying not to cry. She didn’t want him noticing her weakness and envy towards Earth. At some points, Sun would see Saturn's face glow being green, staring deeply at Earth, with a sullen face.
Although Sun grew to love his job stonewalling Earth with heat, and sheltering the humans and animals from the vicious cold, but Saturn was getting pretty red. At one point, she couldn’t handle watching him and Earth together. She thought that Earth was hitting on Sun, and that sun didn’t love her anymore. The idea of him having more feelings for Earth than his very own girlfriend hit her mind. Saturn was getting furious, and then jealousy overcame her mood. Saturn had to do something about it, because deep down inside, she had a feeling of being hated, and lonely. She would gaze at her boyfriend hitting on other plants, and getting her heart broken.

One day, Saturn had enough, and then she decided she had to do something about it, and fast before she would lose faith for loving Sun. She broke out, speeding rapidly towards Sun, then started shouting nonstop as loud as her lungs could take, until she had nothing left to say.
“Sun! I can’t handle this anymore! This is nonsense. You’re always spending most of your time with Earth, more than me. Don’t you think your girlfriend wants to spent time with you also? I’m sick and tired of watching you hit on Earth, I’m your girlfriend for God’s sake!” Saturn said without taking a single breath. Saturn could see the commotion in his eyes, and the look of confusion on his face when he heard Saturn saying she didn’t feel the love from him anymore. “Sun, I’m giving you an ultimatum; Earth or me.” Something struck Sun, and then he realized that Saturn was his other half and that she completed him. Even though Earth wasn’t his girlfriend, he still had feelings for Earth too. Since he spent weeks with Earth, enjoying his days chatting with her. After a while, he finally decided who he wanted to be with; Saturn. “I… Uh… I’m sorry Saturn; I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way. You’re the only one I’d ever love.” Sun said slowly and calmly, staring deep into her eyes.

As it was impossible not to adore her after all those times has passed, Sun chose Saturn without doubt. Sun couldn’t leave his job for her, even though he wanted to, so he decided to make a compromise for Saturn. He would stay with Earth during the day for his work, and come back in the night when everyone was sleeping. Saturn agreed because she knew if she didn’t, she would lose him, but her feelings for him were so strong, so she had no choice but to accept his offer.

Saturn and Sun met every night ever since he promised the agreement. After a while of having a deep relationship, Sun decided it was time to make their relationship official. He asked her to marry him and she gladly accepted with tears of joy running down her face. After they got married, they lived a happy life together, and Saturn wore her ring proudly. To this day, Sun leaves us at night to spend time with his beloved wife.

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