Am i...dead?

October 28, 2011
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My name is Isabella Smitter. I’m 16 yrs. old and I am from Trimble County, KY. This is the most non-exciting place in the world. Nothing fun ever happens in little old Trimble county. My life was very boring and normal until Halloween night. My life has become all screwed up ever since my accident. I was in a horrible accident two days ago coming from my best friends Halloween party. It was midnight and my mom had just come to pick me up because the cops had showed up and crashed the party. I had just got in the car and she starts yelling at me for being irresponsible and immature. Also saying that I need to grow up and act my age because I have responsibilities. But, as always I roll my eyes and say okay but it never has an effect on me. She keeps yelling almost all the way the home until we crash.
We went head on into a parked semi then I blackout…………… I wake up in a hospital and I see doctors and everything is blurry, mom must have not gotten to hurt because she was there in an arm brace and they were yelling at her to get out. Then the next morning I woke up at home in my bed?! I don’t have any bandages on or anything I wasn’t hurt, so I assumed it was a dream and went and got ready for school.
When I got there my friends were in tears and they weren’t talking to me, actually nobody was. The teachers wouldn’t even pay attention to me. I was so confused. I went home and asked my mom what we were having for dinner and she didn’t even pay attention to me. I was tired of this so I got up and started screaming at her. She still wouldn’t answer me than I noticed what she was looking at. It was the obituaries in today’s newspaper. There was a picture of me and the newspaper read: Isabella Smitter was killed in a car accident yesterday 10/30/10. She was a loving and caring daughter to her parents Brian and Courtney Smitter. She will be dearly missed. I was so freaked out I started crying. That’s why nobody was paying attention to me. That’s why my friends were crying; no one can see or hear me.
Am i…dead? I am dead…… I just can’t believe it. Also, I can’t remember yesterday or this morning. This is super weird. I have no idea what to do now. Nobody can see me or hear me I have nowhere else to go. I went outside and took a walk and I screamed some more to see who would hear me. But I got no response. I am so alone now. I decided to find a home. I picked the old shack across from the graveyard in town; I know it’s abandoned because of the bus rides. As of 10/30/11, I am a ghost. I live in a shack, I want my life back. I wish I wasn’t dead, I miss my old life sometimes I check on momma and daddy. Momma is pregnant with a little boy it seems like their doing good. I’m happy that there better now, I can tell they miss me horribly. I miss them to. But this is my life now. I really do wish I could go back. I wish I could tell momma I how feel and tell her I miss her and I still love her even though I was mad at her. But I’m a ghost and I can’t.

2 years later……
I am 18 now. In real life I could be moving out but 2 years ago I died. Since then mom has had a little boy he’s almost 2 now. He’s so cute his name is josh. He takes after dad a lot but, he has momma’s eyes. I check on them every week. Their doing well but, I think dads getting sick. Also, there’s a new girl in town. She walks by the shack every day and, as I watch her I think she sees me……. Does she?...

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