The First Luminosity

October 28, 2011
By miss-bunny BRONZE, Bad Axe, Michigan
miss-bunny BRONZE, Bad Axe, Michigan
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In a time that was once so near, there was never light shone on the earth. There was only endless darkness that showered over the land, and into the corner of the minds of what was living in such a despaired world. These creatures that lived in the gloom had no names nor did they know what they were inside their darken world- they never knew what was beyond the darkness that they know all too well.

Yet, there was something that was so different and so far from what they know within a place that never existed to them; a place that only shines.

Above the darkness, there in the clouded sky lived two lovers named Day and Night. Their light was immensely bright that lit the entire sky with different colors only imaginable to the mind. The two lovers had never felt pain and sadness in their lives, they only knew the feelings of warmth and power Day brought while Night shared beauty and mystery to all who gaze upon her. Life was perfect for them in the sky, while underneath the clouds they walked upon only happiness dies and anger rose high enough to touch their toes.

During a time when Day was bringing warmth to all the clouds and sky, Night ventured off to a place she was always curious about.

She jumped from the luster of the soft clouds down into the world of complete darkness and inconceivable things. Her silver eyes darted from all directions at the new sights, sounds, and colors. She had never felt so alive in a place where Day has not been at her side. She felt the darkness surround the ends of her marble skin and the strands of her raven hair to bleed deep within her mind. She heard the sounds and muffles of unknown beasts pass by so close she could feel their life quiver against hers. She felt at home in the darkness of earths’ world.

Night went past the clouds, and back to the opened bright sky to show Day the place she now adored.

As Day touched the cold soil of earth, darkness disappeared and light replaced all the sadness the world had only knew. Trees grew to be as tall as giants as the flowers sprout small with innocence, rivers flowed clear with only an endless passage, and the creatures changed from sad, infuriated beings into mirth animals that soaked up the light that Day brought to them. Night watched the dramatic change in the world she loved that turned into a place that she knows Day would love.

She felt the coldness of sadness for the first time as Day felt the true happiness she felt within the darkness. Day looked at Night and saw her sadness swirl inside her silver eyes. He saw that when he is on this land underneath their sky the darken world that Night loved turn into light. He became sad the way Night felt as she looks about the place of light and brightness he calls beauty.

Day looked down about the ground that was turning into the first greenest grass to look at their shadows stand like statues at their feet. Night had the blackest shadow that was as dark as her raven hair, the shadow rippled and glowed vividly at the edges slowly while fading in and out of space, and within her shadow was shades of a sky that was much darker then he had ever seen. He then truly realized that he and Night truly didn’t belong in the same light with one another.

She only glanced once at his bright shadow that barley shined against his own glowing essence below him, and turned to gaze upon her own beautiful murky one. She hung her head over the shadow and as her tears slid down her cheeks, they fell into the shadow becoming brilliant, glowing orbs. They became the first dazzling stars.

Night looked into Day’s amber eyes and a small smiled formed from her mouth as she gave him a longing hug. Day did not return the smile, but instead understood what she had planed and hugged her tight till his arms ache with a feeling he did not understand.

They went back to the sky and scattered the clouds that hid it from the land below. Night stared at Day for one last time to remember his wheat yellow hair, his tan skin, and those amber eyes that are too much like fire. She watched him walk away to the other part of the world to make light come to life for the creatures down below as she stayed and created darkness for this part of the of the world.

As Day and Night walk about the world, they walk alone seeing their own beauty that created life below them. Once in a great while they see each other and smile, remembering all the times they had in each others arms.

In a time so far from near, they will be together again in the sky. That time shall never be known, not even to the two lovers of the sky.

That is how day and night came to be.

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