October 28, 2011
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have you ever noticed Halloween is one of the weirdest Holiday's ever? Kids dress up and walk around to strangers houses at night with there friends and ask for candy. Odd right? yea well when we all go out to trick or treat we all expect to just ring the doorbell and say "trick or treat" and get some candy and leave..

a couple years back was my last time ever trick or treating again, and it was the worst year of trick or treating, well me and my friend Lilly were just about to leave to around the neighborhood when my mom stopped us and said "be safe girls." I said "ok mom we will be home at 11:30."

Me and Lilly started walking around the neighborhood but we only went to the peoples house that we knew personally. Everything was good and normal until we came to Mr. wittenberg house, I didn't know him but Lilly did. She said "he was a very nice old man." I replied "ok, well lets just go." but what i didn't know was Lilly didn't know him personally.

So when we got to the door Lilly rang the doorbell, nobody came to door but just then we heard a soft old voice saying something. we listened closely the soft old voice sounded to be saying "come in" so we walked in slowly. Then we heard the voice again but this time it said " I'm in the basement girls...I have fallen down the stairs could you please come help me." We both look at each other and I said "no Lilly I don't trust this guy." Lilly said "but he's just a little old man nothings going to happen I want more candy!" I said "ok.." So we walk down to where the basement door was an the old man was still talking but the words were getting harder to make out. Lilly opened the basement door.

we both looked down to the empty dark basement we couldn't see anything. I grabbed Lillys hand and we both walked down the steps very slowly and cautiously. then next thing we know the basement door slams behind us we both jump and almost fall down the steps. the we hear a voice but it didn't sound like the voice we heard before but this sounded like a younger man. he said "Lilly you should have known ha ha!"

Me and Lilly searched for a light switch and I found one and I turned it on I looked at Lilly and say "what is this guy talking about?" Lilly said well um, lets just say were not getting out of here anytime soon unless a miracle happens. I had a very confused look on my face. I said "Lilly I don't understand? what is going on?" She replied " well were in captivity..."


about ten years later Mr. wittenberg house burned down while he wasn't there and when the police searched the house they found two girls... me and Lilly. We got questioned alot and in the end Mr. wittenberg went to jail to serve his life sentence and now mw and Lilly are both 19 years old and we are in a hospital because Lilly wants to kill herself, and I have post traumatic stress disorder....

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