Marriage Counselor

November 1, 2011
I often wish I never saw that bright vermillion hair. I’ve suffered at the hands of my devious wife such as getting punched in the eye, humiliated at work, and drug to the horribly dreaded MARRIAGE COUNSELOR. What did I ever do? It was all because I decided I didn’t want to have dinner with the awful in-laws for the fifth time this week! How was I supposed to know that they were eavesdropping? I’m only human! But of course my wife won’t forgive me until we got to at least five marriage counseling sessions.
Sitting in the waiting room, I’m dreading the creak of the door signaling the beginning of my torture. I just know it’s going to be horrible sitting in the claustrophobic room talking about our “feelings.” Well my feelings are, Mr. Marriage Counselor, is that I want to get out of this place! Creakkkk…I peer inside the room and surprised I see…

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