Forgotten Love

October 21, 2011
By wolf_girl SILVER, Concord, North Carolina
wolf_girl SILVER, Concord, North Carolina
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“Hey,” he said.

I looked around and saw that no one else was here with us. But if no one else was here then you is he talking too? Is he talking to me?

“Yes I’m talking to you. Are you having a nice night?”

“I guess,” I replied softly.

“You come to this park often?”

“Only when it’s quiet. This is the only time where everything seems to stand still. Where all the problems you might have just seems to disappear from this world.”

He just stood there and said nothing. His eyes were on me as if they could see into my mind. The thought of someone in my head worried me so I changed the subject.
“Do you always start talking to random people at night?” I asked.

He laughed. Seeing him laugh made my heart beat faster. I didn’t think seeing a guy happy would do that to a person. The pounding in my head makes it difficult to stay focus.

“Should a girl be out at night by her self?” he asked.

“You got me there,” I replied.

The guy walked over and sat in the swing next to mine. Now that he was closer I could see, to my amazement, how hot he really was. Built body, killer green eyes, dark hair; the works. There is one thing that is going through my mind right now. Why the heck is he sitting here talking to me?

“You know, you could see a lot better if you put your hair out of your face,” he pointed out.

I stiffened, not knowing what to do. Not wanting him to see my face I lowered my head. At least, not like it was now. Under this thick hair of mine was a face with a busted lip and a black eye. Then a thought came to me. It was only my right eye that was bruised, so I could just pull back my hair that was on the left.

But before I could do so he was already in front of me pushing my hair out of my face. In doing so I flinched and let a gasp escape my lips. Instead of backing away like some would do he smiled and just said, “There, that’s better.”

He can see my beat up face, yet he acted like there was nothing there. I was so stunned by the way he was acting that I didn’t even notice that he was now behind me. He was playing with my hair as if I were a little girl that couldn’t do it herself. It was so soothing that I felt like falling asleep. When he stopped, I carefully felt around to see what he did. To my surprise, I found that my hair was in a French braid.

Avoiding looking at him I asked, “Why did you do that?”

My heart is racing because now I could feel him breathing really close to me. In my ear he whispered, “Because I wanted to see that beautiful face.”

His lips pressed softly against my neck which made chills go down my spine. Kisses. He was giving me kisses. Never having this before, I gripped the chains on the swing tightly as if that would hold me still and closed my eyes. I felt one of his hands tilt my head to one side as he continued. Then the kisses stopped. The touch of his hand was gone as well. Opening my eyes I saw him standing in front of me offering his hand. When I gave him my hand he jerked me towards him and I ran into him hard, but it did not hurt. My body tensed up not knowing what to do. I look down avoiding his gaze, but gently raise my head with his oh so soft hands. Tenderly stroking my cheek he leans and gives me a little kiss on the lips. Again he does so and then he slips his tongue into my month. Doing so in return, I felt dizziness overwhelm me. The kissing stops and I felt my body go weak. I find myself falling asleep in his arms that carried me to where; I did not know. Before I let my dreams take over he said to me softly in my ear, “You are forever mine.”

The author's comments:
I this happen to my in a dream. That others would like to here it.

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