A Glimmering Stone

October 17, 2011
By RebeccaJoy DIAMOND, Springville, New York
RebeccaJoy DIAMOND, Springville, New York
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Sparkling through the washed glass, They flash their smiles at you. Tempting you so. You never had a best friend. Perhaps a purchase would bring you company. But for how long? You wish a rock could come crashing down on you. How ironic. A stone held by silver, never loosing it's grip. A grip that you would be able to feel on your limb. You'll spend hours reassuring the new friend of your love. Bathing it, and whipping down the hard to reach places. Your new friend loves the sunlight. It can show off it's true beauty then. The shape of your prized piece could be envied by others. Looks like size will matter this time around. Your friend is bigger than the rest. A down payment for your friend. That will do the trick. They always said friends couldn't be bought, however there is always a time to break the rules. You welcome your loved one into your house. You show it to the place where it will stay forever. Your hands are no longer bare, and your heart is full. Who knew a Diamond could bring such fulfilment.

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