The Myth

October 17, 2011
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In the beginning there was nothing; neither time nor light existed. Only chaos existed and ruled the world with an iron fist. Darkness was everywhere taking a hold on the desolate universe. Chaos’s younger brother, Sun watched in distraught as the world was falling around him. He couldn’t let Chaos get away with the destruction he created. Sun decided to make ideal species that would serve as his army to defeat Chaos. Sun pondered for years and years. Abruptly he came up with a creature that could fight, walk, and obey his commands. Sun named the species monkeys because they held the key to a sane universe. Chaos heard about his brother’s devious plan to start a war and engaged in his own covert plan. The monkeys trained hard and long to prepare for a war that would change history. On the day of the battle Sun had one last trick up his sleeve. He screamed to the universe “Light appear if you wish to see the beginning of a new era and the dawn of an old day”. The light was as bright as the midnight stars and shined across the universe. The monkeys ran to Chaos on the Sun’s cue but suddenly stopped in their tracks; for there was the angel of death that Chaos had created. The monkeys were hypnotized by its presence and started to imitate every move it made. The monkeys turned on Sun and started to attack him. The powerful collision between Sun and the monkeys created Earth. The collision caused Sun to rise to the sky and Chaos to fall to the underworld. Sun now overlooks Earth but was always fearful that Chaos would strike again. As a result, he populated Earth with humans, trees, and plants to serve as his army in case Chaos returns from the underworld. However, Sun does not wish to use the monkeys in his army because they still imitate the angel of death even though he is nowhere to be seen. Little did Sun know Chaos has a few tricks up his sleeve too and infused the angel of death into the humans’ soul. Now whenever Chaos calls humans fall to their death one by one.

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