The Little Fish

October 17, 2011
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Once upon a time there was a little blue fish. He was so small that no one but his parents could ever see him. His name is Nemo. Nemo was so desperate to have someone notice him. This made him very irritated and sad. Nemo didn’t have any friends because he was invisible to almost every eye. So one day Nemo went to his dad and asked if there was anything that would ever make him bigger. Just to make Nemo have something to do other than sulk around all day his dad said that there was one thing. That one thing was a purple clover. Nemo was so excited when he found this out he couldn’t wait to start his search for it. Before Nemo left, he asked his dad where to find one. His dad did not know what to say, so he told Nemo that he had only two weeks to find it.

The next hour Nemo set out on his journey to find the (what his father thought was fake) purple clover. On his way he amazingly found someone his size that was also looking for the same purple clover. Her name was Swimmy. She was a chameleon fish, which meant she could be whatever color she wanted. They were both so amazed that they could actually see each other that they sat there for one hour starring. Then Nemo said, “We should be on our way since I have only two weeks left.” Swimmy said that she has as long as she needed, but she decided to set her time to two weeks as well. So they both set off again. They looked everywhere. On occasion they would stop and ask someone if hey knew where they could find a purple clover, but none of them ever knew. Swimmy and Nemo weren’t giving up, so they kept searching. A couple of days later they came to a big rock. It looked mysterious so Swimmy told Nemo to help her move it. They did everything they could to try and move it, but they were just too little. It was then that they saw a turtle coming, so they asked if he could help them move the rock. While the turtle was trying to move the rock Swimmy spotted something purple on his back. She started whispering to Nemo. He soon noticed it too. While Swimmy and Nemo were talking the turtle had moved the rock and had started to leave. Swimmy and Nemo frantically chased the turtle across the aquarium. They finally caught up with him and asked if they could see his back. He said certainly. They swam up to his back and saw the purple clover. They were so happy that they started to dance. The turtle wanted to know what was going on. The fish told him and asked if they could have the clover. The turtle said only if you give me a pearl. Nemo didn’t know where to find a pearl. Then Nemo heard Swimmy say, “I have one that I found before Nemo and I met each other.” So Swimmy gave the turtle the pearl in return for the clover. When they got the clover they spit it in half, said thank you and goodbye to the turtle, and then were on their way home.

When Nemo got home and showed his parents they didn’t know what to say. Nemo was super excited so he ate the clover and over night he grew two inches. When he woke up the next morning he couldn’t wait to show his parents and new friend. Nemo’s parents were so surprised that they were speechless. He went over to Swimmy’s house. She had also grown two inches. They were very happy. When school started they had already made many friends. Nemo and Swimmy would always remember being small and would appreciate being big very much.

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