October 14, 2011
My heart pounds in my chest, and my pulse races as I sit in the darkness brought along by night. The full moon casts a soft glow on my face that is distorted by terror. I inch farther back, curling up, hiding in myself. I hear the crunch of leaves coming painfully closer. That's what's coming. Pain. All because I didn't forward that stupid text.
It started lst month when they found my brother's body. His phone was next to him. There was a message that read, "Forward this or die." Well, he did. Die, I mean. Next was my best friend, Christy. I found her. She was in her room in front of the computer. She was hand cuffed to the chair. It was disgustingly tight. The skin was twisting. Blood was everywhere. It came from her back... and stomach. A blade was lodged in her. You can guess what the message on her computer said.
This is why I hide. This is why I tremble in fear. This is why I scream when a gloved hand grabs my wrist. I look up, dreading what I'll see.
"Shh!" He says.
"Alex!" I shout in a whisper. I still have a chance; I may be saved! But then, a huge, beefy hand slips over Alex's mouth, cutting off his scream. Mine rings loud and clear, though, as his blood splatter all over me. I was so close to survival, but it's slipping through my fingers. I have no chance. I never did, I realize as a boot makes contact with my forehead, knocking me unconscious. I'm unaware of the duct tape covering me from head to toe, and my arms being chained to two cars... going in different directions.

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