October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon and Aimee was walking home from school. It had been a good day, the homework was simple and the sun bright. As she was walking she felt as if someone was watching her she turned around and saw no one so she simply thought that it was all in her head. After her homework was all done she slipped inside her room and jumped on her bed glad for the peace and quiet that surrounded her. After about five minutes she got bored and went outside for a stroll around the block. On the side walk was this young woman about 17 years old with red hair that was slightly curly. Aimee was instantly drawn to this woman. She walked up to her and introduced herself the young woman smiled and said her name. They started to walk together and before Aimee realized it they were headed towards Allegany High. Once they reached the parking lot Aimee asked the women why they were here but she shrugged off Aimee’s inquires. By now it was dark and the wind had started to pick up and Aimee realized that she was starting to get a little chilly. But just then a vehicle drove up to them and the woman offered to take Aimee home, she agreed. As the vehicle got close to her house she pointed her house out for the driver, then the young women offered Aimee a drink. When she woke up it was broad daylight even though the room Aimee was in was dark, cold, and had a terrible stench to it. “Hello,” cried Aimee as she sat up shivering. No answer. Then footsteps. Then a light. Someone came down the stairs and laughed as Aimee asked where she was and if she could leave. He came over to her and stroked her hair she jerked from him…scared. He grabbed her arm and ever so gently laid her on a very soft mattress. Then he started to undress himself. Then he undressed her. First the shirt, then the bra, then he kissed each breast as she squirmed, then he took her pants and took them off, and finally her underwear. By now she was terrified. He laid beside her then rolled on top of her. If was a sick act it hurt worse than anything in the whole world. She cried out in pain. He went faster and wouldn’t stop until he was sweating so much that he could have filled a kiddy swimming pool with his sweat. When he was finished Aimee, in one last act of innocence, took her clothes and tried to conceal herself from this monster. He just laughed at her. When he left, Aimee just sat there and cried until her eyes were as dry as the Sahara desert. Later on the young woman came down and gave her some bread and a little milk. When Aimee asked what was going on the woman just looked at her and sighed. As she was leaving Aimee called to her…no answer. After an hour of silence the man came back, Aimee was terrified. Again he ripped off her clothes and rapped her. After he was done she cried while he laughed at her. That night Aimee tried to sleep but all she could think about was how she could get out of the situation she was in. But was too scared to even get off the mattress. So she just laid there waiting to be released. But three days of the same routine went by and no help or even hope ever came to Aimee. On the morning of the fourth day the man commanded her to get up and threatened that if she misbehaved there would be severe punishment. Thinking that he was letting her go she agreed. When he dragged her outside she noticed how warm it was and how pretty the house was that she had been at for now four days. The man shoved her into the vehicle that had brought her there. Once the vehicle stopped it was well past lunch time and Aimee was starved. The man took her into this beautiful mansion. She thought she was saved. Another man greeted them in the foyer and was given some money and Aimee. He grinned at her as the man that brought her here said that she was all his. Then an older woman took her to a room and said that she will be sleeping there in the large canopy bed that had pink lace weaved through the bars. Aimee was relived. Finally she would have a warm bed and possibly good food. But as night rolled around and she was eating her supper of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and a buttered roll. The older woman came in and explained what was going to happen. “You my dear have been sold into prostitution,” the older woman said. Aimee was shocked, she couldn’t believe it she thought she was safe but in reality she wasn’t even close to safety. The first night three men came in and rapped her. After each one was done they smiled at her while sweat plastered them. By the time she had been there a year she had no more tears to cry and she no longer hoped for anything. After the one year was coming to a close she became pregnant she was so scared she couldn’t tell her new owner so she tried her best to hide it. That didn’t help after a month of her keeping it a secret he found out. He was so mad. He yanked her off the bed by her hair. Then, he rapped her right there on the floor. And finally, he stabbed her a grand total of twenty times. Aimee was dead after the fifth time but he didn’t care. From there he dragged her outside and threw her on the front lawn of Allegany High School. When everyone saw her some gasped, some threw up, and a few of them cried at the site of their dearest friend. Aimee.

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