October 20, 2011
By Fluffys SILVER, Wills Point, Texas
Fluffys SILVER, Wills Point, Texas
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It doesn,t matter were you go in life, what you have, or what you do, the only thing that matters is who you have beside you, I'm so glad your there.

As I stumble onto the battle field, I find that I was already too late. My people have lost the battle and I am to blame, because of me the vampire race has been pushed to the brink of extinction. I was their only hope, for I was the last warrior bred vampire to be born in the past eon. Because of my actions I must now “recruit” some followers, by changing the humans. Although I find it disgusting to have to go back to having an impure kind, sense the vampires have been pure-breeds for over a millennium, I need an army.
I check for survivors throughout the battle field, but all are lost in the burning flames that we all are destined for. I find the general’s corps mangled by the elven blade that my kind has named shadow screamer.
We have been fighting the elves sense the “Dawn of Victor”, the most powerful vampire ever born. I have to admit victor did start the war and the elves are innocent, but their prince stole away Victors destined maiden, and they fell in love. Victor would not allow another cross-breed for he feared that the mystic powers of the elves along with the vampire nature would create a being to powerful for him to control. So he murdered them both in a cold-blooded fury that would never be forgotten.
I set out in Rasgorth woods to the temple of Mornagon for two reasons, first my love Daniel, and the last line of royal blood was waiting for me there, and two I needed to summon the ancient weapon and wraith holder Moranor. The last time the weapon was summoned was when I was first born and my heart was cut out of my chest and forged into the weapon which is now bound to me.
My name is Haden and I will win this war. The elves most likely think that they have destroyed all of vampire kind but I know that they will take precautions and send out there hunters to find any possible remaining vampires. I must find a way to protect Daniel and my infant son, who I hope to be the next warrior, from the hunters.
Just as I’m nearing the temple something strikes into my mind and it’s as if I was transported back in time to the making of the temple, I can see the workers being whipped by what seems to be the elder race of vampires, a species called shades, and the workers are elves. Then I am transported again, now to a secret chamber within the temple, there is screaming and as I begin to get my bearings I notice more shades hovering over a table feeding on the spirits of an unborn elven child. But as I see the spirit rising up out of the womb I realize this is no elf this must be the legendary cross-breed, but the legends say that the child survived but I can clearly see him being drained of all his spiritual energy. Then the screaming elf mother’s stomach is torn open by the child and he faces down at his mother and puts his hand over her heart and takes the rest of her energy, and as he is doing this he grows into a man and his skin darkens to pitch black along with his eyes and hair, then he turns to the shades and with his now razor sharp claws cuts them to shreds and drains there energy along with the energy they took from him, again he does something mystifying, it’s as if he commands the shadows to clothe him. He then faces his mother and says something in an ancient language that I do not know, then it’s like he compresses himself into what looks like a black diamond, the same gem that my love Daniel is wearing around her neck. I am transported back to were I was, with a new fire burning inside me set off at a breakneck speed to the temple.
With a burning passion I entered the temple and went to the highest and most guarded chamber. I delivered the news about the battle to Daniel and asked her for the gem, she asked me why and I told her what I had seen, she gave it to me. With the gem I might be able to gain power from it and trap the cross-breed in the Moranor, but first I would need to learn how to call out the cross-breed.
I took Daniel with me to the center of the temple where I would summon my weapon. As I prepared the ritual and spoke my binding spell to the Moranor, I noticed something in the far left corner of the room, it looked like a crest of some kind, I finished the ritual and claimed the Moranor. As I walked towards the corner I saw it was the crest of the ancient shade Jinx, who was banished from the vampiric world and cast into a prison of dark magic and powerful negative energy, for aiding the elves in escaping from their slavery and slaying the shade lord. I took the crest and claimed yet another mission to free this shade in hopes that he would be grateful enough to join me and provide me with the answers that I was seeking.
I took Daniel and my son that we have not yet named to the fortress of Zantose, created by a very paranoid vampire in the hopes of surviving the apocalypse. Unfortunately he was killed by Victor for stealing from our stockpile of blood. So the fortress lay openly to those who know its entrance. There is a forest on the west side, and in the middle of the forest is a giant oak tree that has been hollowed out and stairs have been put inside that lead to a tunnel into the fortress.

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I don't know what inspirered me to writr this I just hope all of you like it.

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