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October 25, 2011
I can relate to “Driving With Leslie” by Frances Calingo in the October issue in multiple occasions. Both Frances and I had driver’s ed teachers who nobody really liked much, but both of us saw him in a different perspective. When I got into the car for the first time, like Francis, Iwas scared of what was going to happen when we started. Though I may not have shown facial expressions that I was having a nervous break down, I was. When we started to drive, I did a few things wrong like turn too wide, or too far in as well as not using the proper technique to turn the steering. I was told that I turn feminine, though I could tell in his eyes that he wanted to say something else that could have brought me down. Though unlike Frances I did not run over curbs, but both of our instructors had an awkward aroma to them. Even though I didn’t always understand why he smelled the way he did, I thank him for helping me to become more comfortable behind the wheel of a car.

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