Gum- The Troubles of Sammy the Llama

October 24, 2011
By Peacetuor BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
Peacetuor BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
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14 yr old llama named Sammy lived in a little town called Wonderland. No one on Earth would know where it is because it’s in a faraway galaxy called X-fion-tron 4623 on a planet named Cutefluffy.

Sammy is ambitious girl. She wanted to aspire everything that she put her mind to. For example: Sammy learned how to fly like her best friend, Allison who is a Pegasus, at age. She graduated the Cute University of Wonderland at age 10. That is Cutefluffy’s biggest and best University. She also became a glamorous yodeler by the time she turned 2. She was taught by an Alpaca called Steve who was her trip advisor on her venture to Kachu Keechu.

There was just something that was keeping Sammy from maintaining her all-star status. Not knowing how to blow bubble gum. Poor ol’ Sammy the llama would try and try and try. All of her friends, Alice the Griffon, Nadia the Unicorn, Allison the Pegasus, and Keri the Phoenix, could do it. This was all so frustrating for Sammy.

She went to the supermarket and bought 20 packs of gum and tried to blow a bubble as soon as she flew home. Nothing happened. She tried again, over, and over, until she went through 19 packs of gum. The only thing that would happen is spit shooting every where and an audiogenic, “AGHHHH” from the frustration, and the gum would dissolve.

Wanting to give up, Sammy went out her postern and laid on her ventral side. Sammy is a visionary and believed that the stars helped with seeing into the future. She tries to inspect the stars in the sky to see if there were any signs and the stars were blocked by the nighttime clouds.

“Forget Stars!” exclaimed Sammy.

She decided that this was unacceptable; she could not quit, and would not settle for minimal effort. If she wanted to learn how to blow a bubble gum, she would just have to try harder and not quit.

She constructed a plan. She got her phone out and searched on Viewtube, “how to blow bubble gum”. She watched the video carefully and practiced the same techniques all day everyday and all night every night. She would practice while driving her car, as a pedestrian, or while flying.

Sammy became so concentrated on how to blow bubblegum that she sheepishly ran into a wall while trying to go to MallMart. There were a lot of people there who saw her fail.

No matter how much Sammy tried, there was no procession. It was almost unseemly how the “gum‘ dissolved and didn‘t last. She wondered is this was authentic gum because this was her 5th year with no success. She read the label of this so called gum package and it read:

Tentos Mint

Well that was uncalled for.

The author's comments:
I love llamas and thought I would make a funny story about llamas and gum!

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