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October 18, 2011
By katherineR. BRONZE, Madison, Alabama
katherineR. BRONZE, Madison, Alabama
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Ilove you/i love you too. These three little words followed by four used to get taken for granted. But now come to mean more than a whole conversation. You are lucky to even get those words a week to a month.

Its Monday, I haven't written in this in along time and i think it's a good time to start. It once again is the day i have to walk through those big green doors. I need to tell someone but i don't know if i can. It's scary living my life.
Tuesday, In the hallway people stare at me, having mean to worried looks on their faces. I try to ignore them, but sometime i just go to the bathroom and cry. No one ever asks me if I'm okay or not. I wish i had my mom with me.
Wednesday, everyday it gets worst and worst. Even though it is still hot outside, i have to wear long sleeves and pants to school. So no one will get any thoughts about my arms and legs. I need to tell somebody but what if no one believes me? What will happen at home?
Thursday, yesterday was okay at home after school. I'm not going to tell anyone.I'm just going to keep it a secret. I think everything will be okay again. If things do get worst later on, i'm going to tell someone. Maybe, just maybe i can learn to like my life again.
Friday, well the secrets out. My dad found my journal. After he read it he got so mad and started to hitting and kicking me. I was screaming so loud the neighbors heard me and called the police. The police came and knocked the door down. They saw that my dad was beating me. They took my dad and sent me to live with my aunt. Now for the first time in a long time i don't have to worry about coming home to be beaten.

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