My Room

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

As I leisurely marched up the stairs like a soldier, sliding my hand on the smooth handrail, I was busy observing how the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling could reflect a bountiful of rainbows across the plain, vanilla-colored walls. Since I was in the midst of my thoughts, I accidentally stubbed my toe, creating a feeling of flames licking it. Stumbling my way back to my room, I firmly grasped the brass doorknob in my hand, feeling a slight chill emanating from it. Pushing the door until it was slightly open, the sweet scent of air freshener reached my nose like a wisp of smoke. Opening the door until it was fully ajar, I walked in feeling the frigid floor under my feet.

My eyes first met my semi-organized desk, lying parallel to my wall. There was a flower sitting in the dark corner of my desk with dried, wrinkled leaves and sunken, brown petals. Next to the flower was a metallic silver lamp, which when turned on, casts a luminescent glow on my desk like the reflection of sun on the crystal-clear water. Turning on the lamp, I could see dust lining the surface of my desk, like a thin layer of powdery snow resting on a hill. There were also a couple of triumphant trophies, standing proudly, recording my accomplishments, along with a piggy bank that weighted a ton, leading me to believe that the years of depositing money has paid off. Along with all of this, there was a mirror showing a reflection of my face in descript detail bringing my image to a parallel universe. Close to the wall, I saw an ornamented picture frame embracing a picture of my mother and I.

Thinking back to the day that picture was taken, I could recall the sun peering through the canopy of leaves overhead, and the perfume-like aroma of the unique, abundant plants and flowers in the garden, along with the wind blowing on my neck. We were strolling along the gravel path, carefully observing each flower, noticing tiny dew drops hanging or the patterns that started to form from the colors of the petals, when my mom pulled out her camera, and with a bright flash, that memory was recorded.

Exiting my reminiscing, I looked through each drawer, hearing a squeak as the top left drawer slid out, the squeak sounding almost like a diminutive mouse. I saw cases of DS games lined up as if waiting in line for ice cream, and next to it, a deck of unorganized cards. There was a bejeweled box lined with gold and silver, which I made in summer camp, holding some memorable items. I also saw an empty tape roll that I had disassembled, like taking apart a sandwich. Opening my next drawer, I saw papers of all colors stacked up in neat, even piles, resembling my progressing since Kindergarten. I also noticed some pieces of origami; such as a boomerang and a shuriken. I picked up a paper boomerang feeling the neat creases. I threw it and the paper boomerang took a curved path back to my hand. There was also a box of stickers, which contained a variety of the pleasurable decoration. Some were ones that reflected light, or ones that have bumpy textures.

Closing the drawers, I glanced at my clock, seeing that the LED-lighted time said that it was four o’clock. From my desk, I walked over to my window, which had cracks and scratches racing each other on the glass. I could see the oak tree standing in front of my house waving to me, like an old friend, along with its multi-colored leaves rustling in the wind as if they were silent murmurs. A car coming by pierced the scene, with the roar of a lion coming from its motor. Returning my gaze to the scenery, I saw the sunlight reflecting off my neighbor’s polished window, showing a vibrant display of lights, playfully dancing in the afternoon air. Across the street, my neighbor’s house sat mutely with trees creating a barrier around it, almost like columns of nature. As I stared upwards, I noticed that the clouds swam across the red, yellow, and orange streaked sky, creating an image almost like a painting, especially with the clouds a pure, fluffy white and everything set perfectly in place.

Looking back in my room, I saw my bed carrying wrinkles in the bed sheets. Moving over to my bed to smoothen out the wrinkles, I felt the soft, comfortable texture of the bed sheet running between my fingers. I noticed that my pillows were stacked in a crooked pile with my beanbag pillow next to it, slouching as if it were a tired old man. I folded my blankets up, creating a mountain on the side of my bed. Laying down on my bed for a brief moment, the mattress held my body in waves of relaxation. I focused on the ceiling, which was decorated with the dots of glow in the dark stars. I started to form patterns out of the stars, and after a while, I sat up.

Tumbling out of bed, I headed towards my closet, turning the sticky knob. The smell of clean laundry filled the air as I peered in my closet. I saw clothing hung in neat align and my socks huddled together in the corner. My belt and tie were also hanging from a wooden bar, like monkeys on a vine. On the ceiling of my closet, shadows were swimming around, as well as jumping around on the walls. Closing the closet door, I returned to sit on my bed. I took a deep breath as I took one final gaze around my room. I noticed the 3-D puzzle that I had built of a green apple, along with a figurine of a karate kid, standing bravely on a rock, reminding me of a movie I had saw. Next to it, was a small snow globe that I had purchased from the Bronx Zoo, which allowed me to control a blizzard in the terrain of the beast. There was a small bed that had numerous stuffed animals on it, and next to the small bed was a tiny rack that held some toys along with a miniature gumball dispenser, holding some sweet gumballs. I saw that my bookshelf was stuffed full of a variety of novels, along with some tiny trinkets and I got up to explore my room once more.
I walked over to the globe, spinning it as if it were a top, causing the countries to spin around in a blur of colors creating a spectacle. I then walked over to the small bed to set the stuffed animals straight. After making sure that they were sitting properly, I went over to my bookshelf. Bunches of books were stuffed in as if the books were the different parts of a sandwich. I grabbed a book out of the bookshelf opening it up. The acknowledgement page seemed to be missing and once I flipped through it, I noticed some light pencil marks underlining words that I did not know. I also noticed some doggy ears in the corner. I closed the book and placed it neatly back in place. I then picked up a Rubix Cube that I could not fix and rotated it around, creating a secret code of colors that I could not decipher. I saw a picture frame on the wall showing pictures of my baby days, which seemed to be crooked, so I set it back in place. I sat back onto my bed and stopped for a moment to observe my room for the last time.
The walls were painted a calm beige, setting a fresh and bright feeling in the room. There was a board on which was the date, along with a couple papers. I also saw some pictures that I had drawn when I was little, and I started laughing to myself. At that moment, my father called me down for dinner, so I got up, opened the door I came in from, and left my room as silently as I had entered.

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