The Ant Kingdom:Chapter One

October 10, 2011
By , douglasville, GA
Chapter One
Once long ago there was a kingdom of stomping ants, and they were stomping their way to the kingdom in a Marine type of fashion.
The king in charge of the stomping ants, Jurbisha's father King Durboshu was a fighter against all human bugs(the ant kingdom called them that because they were outsiders, like humans); spiders, fighter flies, sticky caterpillars, light bugs, ladybugs, and lots of other human bugs.
King Durboshu's army won against the human boy that was kicking the ant kingdom. Before he started kicking the kingdom, it was beautiful. It had inside beaches with cool water that the kingdom stores after it rains.
The inside was especially designed with rooms made for about fifteen to twenty ants staying in it. The beds were made of leaves, dirt, and grass.

For food they send different groups, for example the kingdom sends the strongest to the trash cans, and the fastest inside houses to find food. Twenty percent of all food goes to 'The Seven Wonders'. No one knows who they are exactly who and what they are but the kingdom has just always called them 'The Seven Wonders'.
The kingdom's food can be as big as a taco shell, to as small as a crumb of cheese. The rest of the food the kingdom earns is shared throughout the whole kingdom, and since the ant kingdom is so gigantic eighty percent is like thirty percent to the kingdom.

Everyone in the kingdom has a specific duty that has to be done. Some of the strongest ants are trained and sent to hunt human bugs. The strongest women build and take care of the sick. The weaker ants are sent to school to become doctors and entrepreneurs. Weaker women are sent to serve 'The Seven Wonders', and children go to school.

Everything was going planned as usual until one devastating day came to the kingdom, King Jurbisha and Queen Kinjishka went out for a private picnic. They said they would be right back, but the kingdom never saw them again, ants went to look for them and ants cried and prayed, but after a few years everyone just stopped looking. No one knew what happened to them but rumors say that they got sprayed by 'The Terminator' then some say they went and joined another kingdom. Most ants in the kingdom don’t think that’s what happened; they think they were tired and retired from the throne and didn’t want to tell anybody and now are living somewhere away from all this madness. No matter what happened to them the ant kingdom still gives them honor as if they were present.

But thankfully, Queen Kinjishka gave birth to a baby ant named Roger.

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