Magic Mirror

October 9, 2011
By , South Grafton, MA
I'm sure I can guess your feelings. Right now, if you look in a mirror, I'm sure you might just look at yourself and say "What's wrong? What do I need to change?" Well, you might say that, for all I know, you're not, but I do know some people are and I know you look at those people and don't see what they see in a mirror. Maybe you even judge them.

Well, guess what?

I have something magical hidden away in the back of my closet. It's a mirror that let's me walk in other people's shoes. I use it every day. I look at the girl down the hall and see her talking to her friends. I see how she reacts to something one of them say and laugh, but I also see the hurt in her eyes. Looking through my mirror, I can see how she's been walking in her worn our shoes for awhile, I can see how she's been battered and beaten to cover up the hurt in her eyes. I can walk in her shoes and feel pain that is unimaginable. I can see that her laughter is fake.

All with my magic mirror.

I can walk into a classroom and see the person who always sits in the back, see him glare at me as I enter. As I walk in his shoes, I can see him being pushed into a wall, I can see teachers ignore him, I can see his parents abuse him. His shoes have walked awhile as well.

I can hold my mirror to my eyes and walk in the person's shoes I have hated the most. I can see them struggle with friends, school, thoughts that have horrified me to no extent. I can see how they have run many miles and how each mile is like running twelve miles. I can look through my mirror and see how I've been wrong.

With my mirror I look at each person. I see how they've been treated and how they've treated others. For some, their shoes are clean and pristine, but have walked many miles. For some, one mile wears me out till I can't walk anymore.

My mirror is a curse, it breaks down the barrier each human creates and makes me see the truth. My mirror shows me the horrors of the world and refuses to allow me to bring the thin veil of doubt to my eyes. To hold it up and block the horror away from my thoughts. My mirror is the truth.

Now, walk to your closet and inside there will be a mirror. In the very back, tucked away where you would never look. Even if you can't see it, it's there. Just reach down and pick it up, hold the looking glass to your eyes and look through it. Now, walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Does it hurt?

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