The Greeners

October 16, 2011
By S.B.Willie SILVER, Glen Rock, New Jersey
S.B.Willie SILVER, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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10 years ago
In a town called Maroo,
There was a tall man,
A little one too.
They didn’t have names.
They carried strange cleaners.
The birds and the fish called these strange men
“The Greeners”
They lived on a street,
A street I don’t know.
The street where the Pumble Bush
No longer grows.
The men were all shiny
And soapy
And clean,
But the town that they lived in
Was not at all green.
In fact, it was black.
The town of Maroo,
Almost nobody lived there.
Just those men and their crew.
Their plan was so sneaky
And clever
And keen.
Their plan was to clean,
And make the town green.
They wasted no time,
Not a minute a day.
They devoted their lives,
The dust-busting way.
They scrubbed and they swept.
They frumped and they creened.
And in no time at all,
The whole town was clean!
People came back
To live in Maroo.
The people came back
And lived happily too.
The whole town was great
And happy, not blue.
Except for the men,
The men and their crew.
Their work was all done.
The town was now green.
They had succeeded,
If you know what I mean.
They cleaned more and more,
After that day.
More and more towns,
In a meaningful way.
And in no time at all,
The world became cleaner.
And if you want to thank someone,
You should thank The Greeners.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in honor of a great children's book writer, Dr. Suess.

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