How the Night Sky came to be

October 16, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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Once long ago the goddess Selene’s brother Helios made the sun stand high in the sky without a break. Nobody could sleep with all of the light. Then one day a boy was born. His name was Darkness. His hair was black and he had brown eyes. As he grew up he was one of the only few people who could sleep. One day he went to the Agora. He was twelve years old. He saw so many people collapsing from exhaustion. Darkness was afraid. He did not know if the people were dead or not.

So he ran into the woods. It was full of the opposite of light. He did not know where to go. Everybody in his country was afraid of the opposite of light because they thought it was evil. (This was a time before Prometheus brought fire to humans so there was no fire to give light in the opposite of light). He heard a girl crying. He ventured further into the woods to see if he could help her. After a couple of minutes of searching, he found her. She had dark black hair and was not very tall. Her eyes were so black that you could only see them because they contrasted so much with the whites of her eyes. She was very pale, and seemed to glow.

Then she noticed him.

“Why are you crying?” he asked.

“Well, my brother Helios is torturing humans and will not let me revive them with sleep with the opposite of light.”

“Maybe I can help,” Darkness said.

“You can try,” said the girl.

“First of all we need a plan,” Darkness declared, “now start thinking.”

So they stared to think. After about 12 minutes of thinking the young goddess thought of an idea. (Darkness could only assume that she was a goddess because her skin glowed and she was beautiful).

“I’ve got it!” she yelled.

“What is it?” asked Darkness.

“Let’s go ask Moon if she can go to Mt. Olympus to ask Helios what we have to do to let me have the opposite of light,” she said.

“Who is Moon?” Darkness asked.

“She is my cousin,” the girl replied.

“And why can’t we just go to Olympus to ask Helios?” asked Darkness.

“Because Helios banned me from Olympus and you are just a mortal,” she replied, “by the way, my name is Selene, now come along Darkness; we must start looking for Moon.” Selene was suddenly filled with anger about how unfair it was for Helios to ban her from Olympus. He only banned her so she would not try to have power over the opposite of light. He will pay, she thought. With this boy’s help she would soon have power over the opposite of light and punish him every time the sun would go beneath the horizon. Suddenly she was jerked away from her thoughts by the sound of the boy’s voice.

“How do you know my name?” asked Darkness.

“I am a goddess, I can read your mind if I want to. Now no more silly questions,” she replied.

So they searched and searched and only stopped to sleep in the forest. They finally found Moon in Athens, pretending to be a beggar. Quickly Selene told Moon of her problem, and Moon agreed to help. The next day she headed to Olympus.

With not much to do, Darkness asked Selene about Moon. Selene told him that she was the type of person who liked to stand out and be different from everyone else. Good thing Moon is so gullible, thought Selene.

After about a day of waiting for Moon she arrived. She told them that Helios would only give humans the opposite of light if they found Star and convinced her to go the Hera and beg her for one strand of hair. Seems easy enough, thought Selene, Helios was never good at setting up plans that were not supposed to succeed. Now I just need to manipulate Star to get that hair. So Moon joined Selene and Darkness on their quest to find Star. As they were walking, Moon told them what Star looked like.

‘She hates being the different one and loves to be in a big group,” she said., “the only thing that makes her different from everyone else is her eyes. They are bright silver.”

“My eyes are still way prettier than hers,” thought Selene.

So the group looked and looked for bright silver eyes. Finally they found her in a far away town called Dumica. At first she would not leave the safety of the group, but finally they convinced her by saying that everyone else was doing it. Dumb Star, she can be persuaded so easily. So they set off to find Hera. So they set off to find Hera. They found her in Sparta. At first Star was a little hesitant to go to Hera alone, but she finally found enough courage inside her to go. Hera would only agree to give them one strand of hair if Moon and Star became her slaves and Darkness gives up his life.

At first Selene would not let them become slaves or give up his life, but they finally convinced her that it was all for mankind and that they hoped she would remember them all. Either I am a great actress or they are all dumber than I thought they were. So with a giant flash of bright light Darkness fell to the ground. Hera gave Selene a strand of hair and walked off with Moon and Star following her. Before she left, Selene buried Darkness. Ugh, his body smells horrible, when was the last time he had a bath? Well I cannot just leave the body there; it will make all of Sparta smell horrible, She then left to go to Helios. Helios was a strong man with bright yellowish hair. Selene handed Helios Hera’s hair and then walked off to create the opposite of light. She decided to name it Darkness. To remind me to take a bath very day, thought Selene. And so people would see through darkness, she created a giant sphere in ht e sky and named it the Moon. To remind me never to be as gullible as her, Selene silently said in her head. Then to make it beautiful she put sparkling objects in the sky called stars. They made Selene remember Star’s beautiful eyes. She made many of them so they would each fit in. To remind me that my eyes are way prettier than hers and that it never pays to be with the crowd, Selene thought. She decided to name her whole creations “the Night.”

Even though Selene promised to remember her friends Darkness, Moon, and Star, after a few hundred years she forgot all about them. What many people do not know is that Selene crossed her fingers when she made that promise. Since Moon and Star were immortal, they eventually heard that Selene had forgotten about them. Moon was so sad that every night the moon got smaller and smaller until it was a tiny sliver. It became full again when she ran out of tears which happened every thirty days. Star became afraid of light so all of the stars in the sky disappeared when there was too much light on the ground. And Darkness slowly faded in the underworld in the land of forgotten people until he disappeared forever. Eventually the goddess Artemis and the god Apollo learned how Selene had treated her old friends after they were enslaved. They were furious at her for being so selfish and forgetful. So they took over the night sky and decided to take over the day too, just for fun. Apollo became the god of the Sun and Artemis became the goddess of the Moon. By this time nobody remembered Darkness, Moon, and Star so nobody ever questioned why Apollo and Artemis ruled the sky. Helios was sent to live on the Sun all alone and Selene lived forever on the surface of the moon. That is why some people can see a face on the moon. Moon and Star kept being slaves for Hera, and kept on thinking if they did the right thing on helping Selene and mankind. They finally made the conclusion that if they were to do it again, they would not make the same decision.

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