Traveling Wind

October 16, 2011
There once was a wind that traveled all over the land. Along her path, she collected momentums to stow among her breeze as she blew through valleys, mountains, and rivers alike. Some of these items were much like souvenirs, and their purpose was to remind her of where she had been throughout her journey around the Earth. The other objects served as a wish list of places she wanted to go.

The majority of collectibles that the wind obtained were hard chunks of the earth from the spaces in which she passed. Each rock seemed unique and significant to her travels, and so the wind picked them up as she whistled over them, adding new objects to her traveling caravan with every region she visited. It was not long before the wind had a vast geological scrapbook of her voyages across the planet.

While the wind had been to many areas, there were still places that she longed to visit more than anywhere else in the entire universe. As she passed over fields of flowers and dandelions, the wind would make wishes to visit these places and carry the petals of these plants with her for good luck, hoping to arrive at these desired destinations someday. It was in this manner that the wind continued to make her way across Earth, collecting items constantly as she went.

However, the wind eventually became fatigued. After many months of meandering softly across the continents, her collection became too heavy to bear. She supported hundreds of rocks in her wake, along with a few thousand petals as well. The wind trudged slowly along, weighed down by these souvenirs. It was only after some time that the wind realized what she must do to rid herself of these superfluous objects. While she was fond of her rocks and memories of the past, the wind realized that they only slowed her momentum. She knew that if she was ever going to reach the places she most wanted to visit, she needed to leave some of her collection behind. So, one by one, the wind released her prized collection of rocks, allowing more room for wishes in the form of light, fluttering petals. The wind regained her speed, and hurtled towards her dream destinations, no longer attached to the burden of past memories.

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