The Golden Apple

October 11, 2011
My grandfather, who wasn’t actually my grandfather; he was actually just a hobo who lived down the street that was actually younger then both of my parents, but he felt like a grandfather to me. He would tell me all these stories and I took him for a grandfather. Then he stole my wallet… but that’s besides the point! He once told me a story about Isaac Newton. Let me see if I remember this correctly; one day Isaac was walking by an apple tree, got lazy and decided to take a nap under the apple tree. (Not one of the best places, I think, because of the bugs and aren’t apple trees short? Did he live in a distant land with tall apple trees? I’ll never know.) While laying down, he bumped the tree and an apple fell from a branch and hit him on top of his head. He was so angry with the apple tree, that he used his special ninjutsu and kicked the tree over. The roots and everything pulled right out of the ground! He laughed at the tree and threw the apple into the ground where the tree once stood. What he didn’t realize was that his gold watch fell with the apple. He didn’t even think about it later, because that’s when a thought popped into his head. How come the tree fell over? Why didn’t it float away? It must be gravity! So he ran home to experiment. A wondering dog walked by and started barking at the fallen tree. When it didn’t respond, the dog looked around and saw the hole. The sun glittered off the watch and burned the dogs eyes. He then buried the watch and apple and trotted away wistfully.
Months went by and the tree slowly grew. The tears of the apples that had fallen actually made the tree grow faster. When it was completely grown, Isaac Newton had become famous for his discovery. He felt it only right to come back to the spot where he first thought of it! So one day he came to the spot and was surprised to find a new tree fully grown. He put his hand on the tree to make sure it was actually there. It was! It felt strong and firm. Very impressed was he, that he leaned against the tree, “You lose some you win some, right tree?” he smiled. Suddenly an apple fell from the highest branch of the tree and hit him right on top of his head. It hit so hard, that he fell to the ground. He looked at the apple as he slowly slipped out of consciousness. It was a golden apple! The tree had taken its revenge for his comrades. Isaac was then taken away by squirrels and that’s all that my grandfather knew. He said the point of the story was not to mess with nature. My grandpa knows the bestest stories, right?

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This article has 2 comments. Post your own now! said...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 6:23 pm
I like this a lot. Especially the part where he gets taken away by squirrels. lol ;)
AivatNna replied...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 6:28 pm
Lol, gotta love those squirrels :)
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