Clockworks Tree

October 4, 2011
By C-Rod96 BRONZE, Macedon, New York
C-Rod96 BRONZE, Macedon, New York
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When the world was new it dry and barren, but from the bleak came two beacons of hope, two dragons’ Dilucesco, and Amator. Male and female, Dilucesco was the dragon of the desert, a magnificent beast, with golden scales, he brought to the world white sand, pure water, and the glowing sun, his mate Amator was the she-dragon of the forest with her came fruit, and meat, flowers, and animals. The two dragons created an era of magnificence in this world, their two kingdoms bound to the world and the world to them. Amator and Dilucesco where madly in love, they spent many a cool nights watching the stark beauty of the black night sky, entwined in desire for each other. One day at dusk, Amator discovered something great she was pregnant; she flew wildly to the desert and told Dilucesco the bright news. When the baby was born, the world marveled at her beauty, she was a petite female, well as petite as a dragon could be, born as smoothly as a chestnut sliding from its shell, with sliver scales that gleamed like the first frost. Her mother and father after a bit of bickering settled on the perfect name, Specula-hope.

Dilucesco and Amator treated loved their daughter with gusto, most parents only aspire to reach, Specula was truly their reason for existence. But soon things in the world began to go amiss, the desert and forest began to merge brought together by the Parent dragons love and bound for their daughter. The two deserts and forest brought together by love were destroying each other; at the time not a single sole knew what had caused this deadly transformation or how to stop it, all types of magic were used all in vain. It seemed that the world was doomed, until came along a cleaver little raven named Clockwork. When clockwork saw what was occurring with his own, small black eyes he knew imidiattly what was wrong. He pronounced to all that he knew what was wrong, and what had to be done to fix this. But before he could proclaim his solutions the other creatures sneered. They said “what can you do Clockwork? A simple raven, all know that the owl is the smartest of us all and even he can’t deduce a solution. Go back to mischief with the rest of your kind.”But clockwork wasn’t one for mischief, instead she preferred inquiry, mystery, and salted popcorn. From that point, Clockwork decided it was her responsibility to save the world. She flew as swiftly as possible to Dilucesco and Amator who were lying on the now unstable boarder between the forest and desert, when Clockwork finally convinced the two dragon that she was not a worthy snack for such noble beings, she told them what was amiss in the world, and what had to be done in order to fix what had been wronged. But to the three being surprise, in their unawareness Specula had overheard their conversation had had run off in horror, Clockwork noticing her movement ran off to intercept the young dragon, when Clockwork found Specula, the she-dragon held an iron sword in her silver claws, She meant to kill herself! Clockwork let out a thoughty yelp of pain, knowing Specula could never resist a creature in suffering, Specula stopped her process had went to Clockwork to see what was amiss, before Specula could utter a word Clockwork Said “oh fair dragon you Mustn’t kill yourself there is no need.” But Specula exclaimed “No need, No need! Of course there is a need the world is being destroyed because of me I must die so everyone else may live.” But Clockwork managed to delude her logic she said “the world is being destroyed by the overwealming love your parents have for you it will do no good if you die for their grief will destroy them and then the end of the world will still commence” noting the horrified look on Specula’s face Clockwork continued “no wait I have a plan were no one must die, wait and see.” And with that Clockwork sprung off back to the two parent dragons leaving Specula to wonder and wait. When Clockwork returned he found Dilucesco and Amator entwined together eagerly awaiting his return and solution. Clockwork obliged, he told them to dragon that in order to save the world the two must never touch the two dragons immediately separated standing no more than a foot apart. Suppressing a chuckle clockwork shook his head saying “no, no” he explained being creatures of magic that they must transform themselves into two things that are not touching and could never touch. Obliging Dilucesco transformed himself into the first stars in the sky, one forever still so he could always guide the daughter he left behind. Amator decided to transform into the world’s greatest oak tree so she could shelter her daughter forever. Clockwork noted a flaw In Amator’s plan but she held her tongue, so when Amator asked Clockwork how she could create a tree that would last forever, Clockwork answered as such. He told Amator to create a tree that had winter strong bark, the flowers of spring, the leaves of summer and the fruits of fall. After Amator transformed herself into a tree Clockwork flew off to Specula to tell her the bittersweet news. When Specula discovered what happened she was glad. Glad that the world was safe and although it would be different her parents were still watching her, but then Clockwork expressed a pressing concern of hers with the young she-dragon she told Specula how although Amator’s tree would forever pass the test of seasons, it could not pass the test of time, he explained how Amator was still bound to this world unlike her father who know only watched Amator was still mortal still had to die. But Clockwork had a solution she said, you must go and merge yourself with your mothers tree, two soles entwined with love as strong as the love between mother, father, and child will always endure. But Specula, was confused mother, daughter and father how if mother and father were eternally separated. Clockwork responded to her questions by saying, “Do not worry, tonight at midnight dig a trench at your mothers roots then will the cleanest purest rains to come than clear the skies and merge with your mother’s tree this will allow you and your mother to touch your father without ever really touching him.” This only left Specula more confused and Clockwork let out a cackle at her dumbfounded expression she finished by saying “just do so and all will be clear.” By now fully trusting Clockwork Specula left for her mother’s tree giving a heartfelt goodbye to Clockwork, so at midnight Specula did as Clockwork had instructed scoring the ground with her powerful talons by her mother’s roots she then willed the rains to come and drop by drop Clockworks plan came farther into the light, until Specula marveled at its brilliance. She than confidently merged with her mother’s tree, leaving her dragon body and embracing her mother’s sole in the tree, mother and daughter together their roots now reaching into the deeps of the trench now a pool filled with rain water, reflecting the stars on its placid surface.

To this day Amator and Specula’s tree still stands now dubbed Clockwork’s tree, standing for all seasons and all of time due to clockworks ingenious planning, now the world has formed over many times for new creations and new people, new stories but two thing remain eternal the stars and Clockwork’s tree one shrouded in legend the other staring down us every day. If you ever were to find Clockwork’s tree, you would notice that emended in the trunk is an inhabited owl hole, but inside dwells a raven some say it is Clockwork herself others say that it has simply been inhabited by raven after raven, but we all know is so long as the raven stands so shall the tree.

The author's comments:
I was watching a nature documentary and saw videos of ravens using tools and doing incredible things, and i wanted to bring that to light in a creative way.

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