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September 29, 2011
By Annalise0800 SILVER, Junction City, Kansas
Annalise0800 SILVER, Junction City, Kansas
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Well since nobody else has heard my story I guess I'll write it down and pray for somebody to find and read it and then tell other people about it too. My name is Alicia and my story is about a terrible person named Rellik who seemed like an ok person at first, but let me start with the story.

“It’s horrible” said Alicia

I had just read an e-mail from Rob, my date that said he couldn’t make it. Now I’m sitting here in a 5 star restaurant looking all pretty for nothing, but the worst part is that the waitress, Lindy or whatever her name is keeps asking me when is my date going to be here because they have other guests waiting for the table I’m at.

“Excuse me waitress” says Alicia

I hope I don’t get Lindy.

“Yes how may I help you ma’am?” asks Lindy

Crap, of course it’s Lindy

“My date didn’t show up so could I please get the bill on the champagne I ordered?”

It might have been the way the light shone on her face but I think she just laughed at me. I really don’t like her.

“Of course you can, I’ll be right back”

So off walks Lindy 2 minutes later here’s Lindy again. She gives me the bill, which I may add is $35 all the money in my wallet now I can’t tip the waitress. Oh no, now I gotta get that look that all waiters give to a customer when they don’t get a tip. Well whatever I don’t have time to think about this I want to go home now.

So I finally made it out of there with minimal damage, I mean the waitress did basically stare me down but I’m ok with that. But now I have to walk home since I don’t have money for a cab and of course with my luck, it’s raining. Yes, I’m home soaking wet but home. I think tomorrow I’ll go the café and find a date so I’ll have something to do over the weekend.

Friday, time to go to the café. Here I am now at my favorite French café, café I don’t know some French name that nobody can pronounce. I’m looking at this one dating website and I’ve found somebody who looks promising, Rellik, hmm weird name must be African. Ok this is my date for the afternoon.

“So Rellik, what do you do for a living?” asked Alicia

“I’m a free lance photographer” answered Rellik

Well he’s not poor but that’s not a very wealthy paying job, but he might do for now plus he looks like he just walked off the catwalk definitely a keeper.

“So what do you do Alicia?”

“I’m a journalist for the News daily, you know the newspaper that nobody really cares about“

“Oh that sounds interesting what are you working on right now?”

“Well nothing right now because we’re not selling enough copies to stay in business, so I don’t know how that’s gonna work out.”

“What's something that's interesting about you?” I asked

“Well my name spelled backwards is killer” he said with a smile

“You know that's not interesting that's just creepy”

“Don't worry I couldn't decide what my parents named me, besides I'm not a killer”

“Um ok”

The rest of the date went on like that with all the boring small talk and before I knew the date was over. I can’t even remember what we talked about it was just that boring. Now I’m leaving promising that I’ll go on another date with Rellik I don’t know why but I promised so, I guess I’ll go and besides he said he’s going to take me to this Island on a yacht. I’ve never been on a yacht before so that’s why I’m mostly going.

Saturday, man why did I even promise to go out with him he’s so boring but he has a yacht, but he’s sooo boring, but he’s good looking, but he’s sooooooo boring, but he has a yacht and is good looking ok I’ll go.

“Hey so what kind of island are we going to?” I asked

“One that’s great for taking pictures”

“So, what kind of pictures are you going to take?”

“Well I really wanted to take a picture of you it’d be perfect with the right background”

Aww that’s so sweet he wants to take pictures with me in them maybe I should reconsider him. Ohh if he took a picture of me I could put it online and then I might be discovered and become a model then an actress and then a talk show host, just like Tyra Banks! See I knew this date wouldn’t be that bad I’m glad I came but after this is over and I’m the next Tyra Banks I might, no I will toss Rellik.

“Ok were here” said Rellik pulling me out of my thoughts

I got off the boat and saw a beautiful island.

“Wow it’s amazing”

“I know right, well let’s get going” said Rellik

We got off the yacht and walked deep into the island so deep that it started to get dark.

“Wow it's kinda starting to get dark don't you think?”


“So, how much longer till we get to wherever were going? Where are we going anyway?”

“A place that's great for taking pictures”

‘ And where is that going to be?”

“You'll see once we get there”

Ok he's officially starting to get on my nerves now and I might be crazy but I think I detected an attitude in his voice. Jerk, but I just gotta hang on until after I'm off this island and famous.

We're finally here, where ever here is. I mean you should see it it's like something right out of a horror movie. There's a house that looks like its a million years old and ready to fall apart at the slightest touch. That's not even the worst part there's this smell not like anything I've ever smelled before. It's nasty, it's disgusting, it's putrid, like the sewer, dead animals, and rotting corpses all in one place.

“Um Rellik don't you think it's kind of disgusting here?”

“. . .”

“Hellooo are you going to answer me?”

“. . .”

“Rellik! If you don't answer me right now I'm turning around and leaving right now!”

“. . .”

“Fine I'm leaving”

“Ok go ahead, but good luck finding your way back to the boat”

Go ahead, go ahead he says. Well then fine. He probably thinks I won't leave but whatever I'm leaving. Forget the model/actress/talk show host dream I will not be treated like I'm not even there.

Now I’m walking through the trees and trying to find my way out. I thought it’d be easy but before I knew it I’m at that nasty old house again. I try walking though the forest again but again I end up at the house again.

“You know what forget it”

“Are you done now?” asked Rellik

“Fine I’m done but you better take me off this island right now”

“Ok I’ll do it after we go eat some dinner”

“No I want to leave now!”

“Don’t worry I take you back once I’m done eating. So let’s go now I’m hungry and I don’t feel like waiting any longer than I’ve already waited.”

“What who do you think you’re talking to?”

After I said that Rellik grabbed my arm, hard enough to break it, and pulled me into the old house. After we were inside Rellik’s personality completely changed instead of being nice and boring he was angry and forceful.

“You know I did like you Alicia I really did the first time I saw you, you looked good enough to eat. What am I saying I still like you even though you’re getting on my nerves, even now I still like you, I mean you’re just so delicious.”

“WHAT THE H*LL ARE YOU SAYING YOU… YOU INSANE MANIAC!? Let go of my arm right now and take me home!”

“Now look Alicia I promised that I would take you back right after I’m done eating now shut up and go take a bath”


“Why? Why you ask, so that I won’t be eating filth I mean you did just wonder through a forest, oh yeah and go brush your teeth too because you said some things that I think are dirty.”

“You’re crazy”

“What are you talking about, everyone needs to eat when their hungry that’s human nature, now let’s go I’m starving”

Rellik pulled me to the bathroom which looked and smelled like the outside of the house. He pulled off all my clothes and through me into the bath water then walked out. I wanted to find a way out but there were no windows and the only door was the door that Rellik walked out of.

“Are you almost done?” asked Rellik


“Hey I said are you almost done?”


“I’m coming in”

When Rellik came in I jumped on him and started clawing at his face. Rellik fell backwards and I ran without looking back.

“Alicia why are you running away from me, I just want to eat, don’t you eat when your hungry, that’s all I want to do.”

That maniac I need to find a way out of this now or I won’t make it. When I got to the front door I opened it and there stood Rellik, before I could turn around and run or even scream he hit me in the head with a shovel and I was out cold.

“Why’d you run Alicia? I only want to eat. Oh I know why you ran you probably think I won’t take you back home but don’t worry I will, I did promise”

When I woke up I was on top of a hill and I couldn’t move. I looked down and saw that both of my legs were broken with bones piercing through my skin and there was Rellik with a camera and knife.

“Look Alicia I made it so that you can’t try to run anymore, you probably don’t trust me but I promise I’ll take you home and I’ll even take your picture like I said I would”

Rellik looking like a maniac took pictures of me and then grabbed the knife.

“Ok time to eat”

Those were the last words I heard before he dug the knife into my neck.

“Aww I finally get to eat you know Alicia it’s been a couple of days before my last meal”

Rellik finished chopping off my head and then cut all the hair off. He then cut my head into nice little squares licked the blood off an then ate it.

“See Alicia I knew it, you do taste as good as you look”

Rellik ate all of me except for my eyes, toes, and heart. He dug a hole and put the bones in he took a picture before he covered the whole and then left.

“Ok Alicia here we are I promised I’d take you home now here we are in your room I’ll miss you, you gave me the best meal I’ve had in a long time”

Rellik then placed my body parts neatly on my bed and left. (I guess to find hid next meal)

Well that was my story about Rellik the killer. That maniac killed me and now I have to go find another body, man and I really liked that one too. The last one I had was burned in a fire and the one before that was stabbed to death. I wonder why I can’t ever keep a body?

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