September 28, 2011
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The word immortal does do justice in this life. Maybe, just maybe, in some other worldly place we think of, as an afterlife immortally may truly exist. But you, you were not immortal. One afternoon was all it took to sweep you from this planet. A car crash they called it. An accident they said. I called it death; some immortality that was.

Your pictures were taken down, your belongings given away, the walls are lined with family photos and the rooms are filled with beloved items, but the house seems so empty.

Immortal is the word you told me all those years ago. To be remembered and loved by crowds of adoring fans, that was your dream. But you never got to lead that life, did you? They remember you all right, but for your death not for your life. But I won’t forget the wonderful things you did and the beautiful person you were.

But no matter what you are immortalized in my heart, in my pain, because your presence still lingers here and these memories won’t leave me alone.

I will never forget you. I won’t stop thinking of you, because you will always be immortal to me.

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