October 6, 2011
I feel trapped. Totally isolated from a world so close, I can hear, feel, taste, smell... everything but see. No, I am not blind, merely quarantined for my offensive tongue. I hear the crickets... singing in rhythmic melodies, similar to the minuscule creature I saved from being crushed. How can such a hideous, miserable, antennied angel make such an enchanting harmony with its unseen colleagues? I suppose that they are exactly opposite of me in that sense, for I constantly hear that I am beautiful, no matter how much I disagree, for ill-willed words still protrude and pour from my gaping hole of a mouth. Almost like when I try to sing! Why, it's laughable! I merely scream and wail in imagined musical splendor of voice, as harmony and melody battle for the lead in my mind; neither win, for my lips produce and ear-piercing, jaw throttling, heart-wrenching vibe of a noise. However, nobody pities me, but accuse me of failing to harmonize... I suppose my musical talent lies in instruments, not my precious throat, which I may soon lose...

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