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Volleyball and Me

October 6, 2011
By Anonymous

“The harder you work, the harder it will be to surrender to defeat” my Dad always says. I never understood what he meant until I started practicing day after day, after day. I learn that loosing isn’t an option if you work hard for it. That’s how I stay so active with sports and learn to love the game. I love playing volleyball it’s an intense sport, and I love the feeling of being the on the court, and the feeling of having my first spike.
Volleyball is the most intense and most amusing sport I have ever played. It’s really intense when each team gets three hits over and both teams go back and forth until someone messes up. I have played basketball before, but volleyball seems different to me it’s not the same in basketball you don’t have to communicate as much. And you never really know what’s going to happen until it happens. If you have to bump it or set, spike or tip, the game it’s self is all in your head. So in order to be as amazed as I am you have to understand the game.
I believe that my team is very well connected to each other. Communication is the key to a good team in volleyball. We as a team take practice seriously; we love to be on the court. Spartans Freshman Girl’s Volleyball of 2011 is by far the best team I have ever been on in all of my years of playing sports and I’ve only been playing sports since 6th grade. When we are in our pumped up mood before a game the other team has another thing coming. They get the serve, and serve it to our side we communicate libro (back row passer) gets it first then the setter gets second hit by the 10 foot line an then some one of the front row hitters call it and spikes it! It’s an ace. We get so excited for it’s like winning the championship.
We are at Appleton East High School. We get there and start warming up and getting ready for the game. We had played the first set. We lost. It was the middle of the second set, down by two. Appleton was serving and sidelines were cheering “side out, side out come on girls we got!!!” They serve it over hits back row hitter bumps it to setter, setter get a good clean set to middle hitter, I call it, “Mine, mine, mine.”!!!! As I take the steps to hit the ball and SLAM a spike. As I’m coming down, I see the glossy shinning floor. I was so happy and excited and the same time, my team was cheering “Yeah Dee”!!!! That was my first spike of my life which changed the way I felt about volleyball.
So to my conclusion volleyball is my favorite sport. I love playing the game it makes me feel like me which is very intense. I love the fact of being on the court being able to remember my fist spike that made my day special. Volleyball makes me feel amazingly good inside. It gives me the confidence to do whatever I feel. No it matter how bad my day was when I play, I feel like its jus me on the court.

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