William's Life Changing Box

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

In 1862, the Battle of Shiloh took place in Hardin County, TN. When people think of the Battle of Shiloh they usually think of the Union conquering the Confederates in one of the bloodiest wars in American history. The tale that people do not know about during the battle is how General Robert E. Lee was trapped in the beehive cornered by the Union and scared for his life. He called over his best rider, Sergeant Crenshaw, and gave him a box. He told Sergeant Crenshaw, “Take this box to Germantown where my sons live and protect it with your life.”

Sergeant Crenshaw then took off into the night on his pure bred quarter horse. The Union knew that he had fled so they took off after him. Sergeant Crenshaw reached the border of Mid-town and Collierville where he finally was caught by the soldiers that had been trailing him. Crenshaw knew that he was surrounded so he took off into the woods. He found a home where the lights were off and he broke into the house. He ran upstairs with gusto and ripped up a plank of wood. He then hid the box General Lee had given him under the floorboard. The Union soldiers followed him to the house and the leader of the group of Union soldiers yelled at Crenshaw from the outside: “We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up or we will burn this place to the ground.” Crenshaw then broke from the front door and fired everything he had into the group of Union soldiers that had followed him until he fell to his death. Although they had caught Crenshaw, the soldiers could not find what they came for. What they really wanted was the box.

Around one hundred fifty years later, the Brown family moved into the same house in which Sergeant Crenshaw hid the box. Also, the second son William’s room ended up being in the same room that the box was in. This brings our story a little bit closer to present day.

The date was May 12, 2011 and William had just gotten into the car after a long day of spring practice. May 12th was a Monday and William was watching the Rangers play baseball. The Rangers ended up losing the game 15-0. William was so mad that he went upstairs and started pounding on the floor. He stomped and stomped. He stomped so hard on the floor that he broke one of the floorboards. There he found a random spot in the floor with some hay surrounding something as sort of a protection for it. He started shuffling his hands around and he pulled out a box. On the bottom of the box it said, “He who owns the box, owns victory.” William, being the nonchalant person he is, thought of it as nothing and threw some of his Rangers baseball cards into it.

The next day the Rangers had a day game, and William could not watch the game because he was at school. During his study hall he checked the score and it was 22-0 in the bottom of the third inning and the Rangers were winning. William leaped with joy.
At this point the Rangers had won twenty games and lost twenty-one games. William noticed that when he put his baseball cards into the box the Rangers started winning. William then went on to put all of his Rangers memorabilia into the box. The Rangers did not lose a game for the rest of the season, and they won the World Series. William went on using the box for the rest of his life to do anything his heart desired.

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